Working with a Boudoir Photographer and a Dedicated Makeup Artist

I wanted to write a quick post on what it’s like at a boudoir session, working with a boudoir photographer.  I wanted to have behind the scenes photos but looking back, I dont really have a lot of BTS boudoir shots, as I’m the one shooting.

I did however have a few of my girl Jordan doing makeup, so thought this was a perfect opportunity to share my views on what it’s like working with an advanced, professional makeup artist for a shoot as important as your boudoir or wedding.

The main thing I think that needs to be said, is that there are a TON of photographers and a TON of makeup artists – but not so many photographers that work WITH makeup artists so closely; as I do with Jordan. We’ve worked creatively and professionally for 2 years now, and she is my Go-To, my number 1 referred and someone I am proud to call a friend.

I’m going to be straight. I have a few other artists that I work with, but I really do click so well with Jordan.  She is friendly, never gossipy, and truly is interested in the people shes working on. She is energetic, compassionate and incredibly talented.

Im not going to showcase her work in this particular post, but will link a few at the end that you can see.

Let this post serve as an example for any readers that choosing a photographer that has this kind of relationship with the other vendors she works with, is just so incredibly important.

Together we will:

Make you feel like a queen, a bombshell, a rock star

Make you look your very best

Make you LAUGH!  You’ll have the BEST time!

Improve your confidence (actually you do that, we just witness the revelation)

Give you an experience that will have you holding your head high, that you will never forget.


Here’s Us:


Jordan doing my makeup at our Team Head Shots shoot


On location at a Boudoir Shoot – the Ice Light makes a fabulous makeup light for mid shoot touch ups!  Also, she makes you feel super comfortable.


Having Jordan on set is always such an asset! You will always look good throughout your shoot!


Jordan and I – after a shoot



Such a contagious smile!


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