Wedding Thought: Why A Cape Breton Elopement Is A Very Good Idea

So here’s my thought for today. A Cape Breton Elopement is a VERY good idea.

Here is why:

The scenery in the highlands is freaking awesome.

Cape Breton Elopement

Insert happy couple here.

The end.

No – seriously – there are so many great spots to shoot along the scenic coastal drives (Ceilidh Trail, Cabot Trail and more!), and also the damp, moody wilderness that Cape Breton Highlands National Park has to offer.  There are also tons of super awesome shops and boutiques in the little fishing villages along the way. If whales are your thing, we could sit around and watch them too.  Whales are my thing. Jusayin.

Also. On my trip out there I learned how laaaaiiiid back it is – more so than any place Ive ever been. People are just so chill its unreal.

The music is amazing too!

Come away with me! A Cape Breton Elopement or intimate wedding is a crazy good idea!

It’s worth mentioning too that Newfoundland is just a ferry ride from Meat Cove also – and I have never been there yet!

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The sky is the limit on making magic in a place like Cape Breton.