As a wedding photographer I am continuously amazed in how makeup can really be the icing on a cake for a girl.  I am pleased to introduce Michelle Baquial owner of MBM Michelle Baquial Makeup.  Located in Alliston Ontario, Michelle has proved to be one of the areas most talented artists. Her work has been published in Hitched magazine, and is my number one recommended bridal makeup artist.


Jen: How long have you been doing makeup?

Michelle: I’ve been doing makeup for approximately 14 years.

Jen: What made you get into the bridal beauty industry?

Michelle – I absolutely love weddings! I love all the energy and excitement of the wedding day and really enjoy being a part of one of the most important days in a woman’s life. It makes me feel incredibly blessed when I’m able to help transform the bride’s vision of herself into a reality and she feels the most beautiful that she’s ever felt. It makes my heart feel full.

Jen: What do you feel are the biggest challenges you face as a MUA?

Michelle: The biggest challenge now a days is trying to get clients to understand the difference between the way makeup looks in real life and all those pictures you see on Instagram and Pintrest that are photoshopped to the hilt. Makeup does not look like that in real life. You will and should be able to see the texture of your skin, you will see fine lines. Makeup is not plastic surgery. It can definitely help to improve your appearance, it can help boost your confidence, you can even slightly change the look of certain features but it is not photo shop for real life.

Jen: What about victories? Do you have a favourite moment in your career?

Michelle: So far I would have to say having my work published in the September 2015 issue of Hitched wedding magazine.

Jen: What do you do to ensure makeup looks great on camera? Do you do anything different if you know your bride is having both video and photographic coverage?

Michelle: To ensure makeup looks great on camera, you MUST make sure you properly prep the skin. Ideally, skin prep doesn’t only take place the day of the wedding, but it should start weeks, if not a month or more prior. This not only affects how the makeup looks on camera but as well as the wear and longevity of the makeup. As a professional MUA, you familiarize yourself with different products and how they come across both on camera and video. All of the products I use in my kit work great for both mediums.

Jen: How do you determine where to start, when figuring out a look for a bride?

Michelle: I always recommend a bridal trial. The trial allows me to consult with the bride on her vision of herself for her big day. Some brides already know exactly how they want to look and come prepared with photos of examples. Others aren’t quite sure and need help pin pointing their look. I like to ask the bride questions about her personal style, if she usually wears makeup, what her wedding colours and/ or theme are, etc. All of these along with the brides colouring and features help to determine what will work best for her on her big day.

Jen: Now being that Im a wedding photographer, I am maybe a little biased.  How important to you feel if is to have professional makeup application on their wedding day and why?

Michelle: I personally think that a professional MUA is a MUST on your wedding. And I’m not just saying this because I am one, lol Think about it, you’re spending all this money on your wedding (i.e. venue, dress, flowers, decor, photographer, etc). Why would you not want your face to match the perfection you’ve created with everything else? Not only that, but you’re going to have these photos to look back on for the rest of your life. Do you really want everything to look done and put together but not your makeup? In my opinion it can absolutely make or break your photos. Just because you hire a professional MUA does not mean that you can’t look and feel like yourself. If anything your MUA should make you look and feel like the BEST version of yourself. Also, a professional MUA will have high end professional quality products and know how to use them to ensure you look flawless from the moment you leave her chair to the moment you wash your face. The products used will endure all the hugs, kisses and smiles you’ll be giving/receiving and photograph beautifully. Not to mention, it’s your big day, you should be relaxing and enjoy being pampered!

Jen: Do you have any tips for day to day makeup application for our readers?


  • Don’t be afraid of your skin and of any of your imperfections. Embrace them! They are a part of what makes you “you”, and what makes you both unique and beautiful.
  • Take care of your skin. Your skin is the canvas for your makeup. If you take good care of your skin, treat it and prep it well, your makeup will look beautiful. If not, your makeup can only do so much. Not to mention, the better your skin, the less product(s) needed.
  • You do not need to contour and highlight on a daily basis. Contouring and highlighting is meant more so for photo shoots. If you are going to do either of them, make sure you blend, blend, blend. You shouldn’t be able to tell that you’ve contoured and/or highlighted your face. It should look like shadows and high points on your face. No harsh or muddy lines. If you are going to do one of the two, I suggest highlighting.

Jen: Do you offer trial applications?

Michelle: I do and I highly recommend them! They allow me to consult with the client on their vision and allow clients to see how they will look on their big day. They also make things run more smoothly on the wedding day as we know exactly what is being done.

Jen: What are you seeing in makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2016?

Michelle: There are a few trends, some of which have been around for a while and some that are making a comeback. The red lip as well as the nude lip have been around for a while and aren’t going anywhere. Also, clean, minimalist looking makeup has been around for a while but has mainly been seen in fashion and commercial. I’m hoping to see it become more mainstream. Think the “no makeup, makeup look”. Bold coloured eye makeup has been making an appearance on runways for this coming season. Bright coloured eye makeup such as neon shadows or bright blue eyeliner. A look that’s making a comeback is the liner from the 90’s: Smudgy liner, well worked into the lashline, and going all the way around the eye, as well as on the waterline.

Thank you Michelle for the tips and some inside perpective on the bridal makeup industry. It’s always a pleasure to work with you, your work is beautiful, and its clear from the photos of our brides that you really are an expert in this field!

If you have any questions for Michelle, you can reach her via her Facebook Page, or her web page.

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