What to wear for Engagement Photos

is probably my most asked question.

There are tons of excellent examples on pinterest; and I have my own Family Fashion Board which applies to engagement too.
Its particularly helpful for how to coordinate colours and patterns without getting too matchy matchy.
Click to see the Pinterest Board of coordinating fashion

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
The first thing we always consider before we decide what to wear for engagement photos is the location of the shoot. We want our STYLE to work with the location; or at least not look out of place. For instance hiking boots on the beach. *I’ll have more what NOT to wear examples later on too). Instead we want to see bare feet, or at least sandals.

After location and style, we consider season – just a little. I don’t like my couples to be toooo hung up on colour trends BUT that being said I love seeing jewel tones in the fall, and bright fresh colours and pastels in the spring summer. Black, grey and white rock any season, but PLEASE make sure there is a little splash of colour and a little sparkle or shine in the mix.

Winter Engagement Photography Alliston

So now you know where and when we’re going, and what overall style or feel you’re going for. The rest is super easy.
Between the two of you, lay down your outfits side by side on the bed, and check to see how they look together. Do the styles and colours coordinate?

Next check for my absolute favourite fashion formula that works for every single occasion, borrowed from Stacey London and Clinton Kelly from What not to Wear. I miss that show.
The formula is this:

4 elements to selecting the perfect outfits – easy peasy!
Some Basic Examples of Pattern

A classic plaid, polka dot, floral pattern, houndstooth.

Some basic examples of Texture
Denim (jeans or jacket, never both in the same colour please lol)
Leather (jacket or boots, or pants even)
Wool (jacket or sweater, or blanket, as shown above!)

Some basic examples of Shine – easily added with an accessory
Metallic Sandals or shoes
Chunky necklace
cute hair band
hand bag

OK – For the What NOT to wear tips.

DONT WEAR – anything you need to tug up or down to correct the fit.  If it doesn’t fit well, ditch it.  Forever.  FIT is critical.

Don’t wear Neon.  Its in right now, but not for long. I hope. LOL

Jeans and white shirts.

Caution with stripes; they can photograph oddly, especially skinny stripes.

Don’t wear anything that looks like Don Cherry would rock it.  Just don’t. Please?

For that matter please don’t wear club wear of any kind; unless we are actually shooting at a club.  So avoid spandex, vinyl, pleather, TOO much sparkle, 6″ Heels, short skirts, low cut tops.  Add lingerie as clothing to this list.  No cheetah (anything) and lace bustier s’il vous plait.

These rules apply to all photography, whether a single portrait or family portrait, but I will write and how to nail fashion for the extended family shoot asap, but the basic concepts apply.

Did I forget anything? Comment below if you have a fashion faux pas to include.