Valentine’s Day 2015 -Hillside Community Church – David & Xiaoqian

You seriously cannot get more romantic than a Valentine’s Day Wedding.  Especially when the bride wears red in honour of her Chinese heritage.  The ceremony was being held inside the Hillside Community Church with family and friends present, with luncheon following in the church basement.

Most of the time when I am commissioned to do a wedding, it’s the bride or the groom that contacts me.

This time it was David’s mother, Susan that found me after posting a “last minute” request for a photographer.  (Really not that last minute, I once booked a wedding just one week before an event).  That being said there really was limited time, and for the first time in my career I hadn’t had a chance to meet either the Bride OR Groom.

Adam and I pulled into the driveway and my eyes were drawn to the big red barn.  I have a thing for barns and photography.  Together they’re a force to be reckoned with in my opinion.  The cool thing about this whole set up was that there were 2 homes on the property and the Groom was getting ready on one home, and the Bride was getting ready in the other.

We quickly popped in to meet David and say hi to his crew, got a few ring shots, and some of the guys casually hanging out before I left to go meet Xiaoqian and document her preparations.  In the brief time that I got to speak with David I learned 2 things.  That he was really excited about their big day, and that he had really wanted a white winter wedding.  He got that! It was pretty cold – Im not sure the exact temperature now but cold enough to not be hanging around outside taking photos for too long, but these guys were rockstars about doing a few shots before I went down the driveway to the Brides Headquarters.

Down at the farmhouse the girls were busy getting, I grabbed a few pictures of the Xiaoqian’s ceremony dress, and her white floral reception dress also. And her shoes… so awesome.  I’m a sucker for details…

Lets see some pictures!

Valentine's Wedding Tottenham

Tottenham Wedding Groom Prep
Tottenham Wedding 2

Valentine's Day Wedding Dress


Valentines Day Wedding Tottenham Valentines Wedding Totteham Bridal Prep Photos Tottenham Wedding Photography Chinese Wedding TottenhamMother of the bride photography
Rustic Alliston Wedding Photographer

How beyond gorgeous is she??? Beyond.


The Ceremony was so amazing.  These 2 cuties kicked it off (with a slow start lol), but they got the job done!!!

Ceremony Highlights:

  • Cute attendants
  • Warm, friendly family & guests
  • Tea Ceremony that made me cry (I didn’t cry at my OWN wedding for goodness sakes!) Xiaoqian’s Mom – you made me cry. For that I love you.
  • And BEST. KISS. EVER! #truth

Hillside Community Church Tottenham Wedding Flower Girl and Ring Bearer  Hillside Community Church Tottenham ON Hillside Community Church Tottenham Emotional Vows Hillside Community Church Chinese Tea Ceremony

Hillside Community Church Wedding Ceremony Alliston Wedding Photographer Tottenham Wedding
Hillside Community Church Wedding Ceremony (2)

Tottenham Wedding Photographer Best Kiss Ever

THIS though!!!! DAVID!!!! LOVE THIS!!!

Hillside United Church Wedding Tottenham ON
Presenting your Newlyweds 🙂

Valentines Day wedding Tottenham ON Valentine's Day Wedding Hillside Community Church Tottenham

A special thank you to Susan, and to every one from Hillside Community Church. Adam and I really enjoyed spending Valentines Day with you.

And David, I’m glad you got the snow you’d hoped for.




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