Stephanie & Darren’s Trillium Resort Wedding

This post is a hard for me to write.  I just dont think I’ll do a good job putting it into words this time. Im usually pretty good at conveying my emotions with text; but every now and again I find my self speechless.  Or mostly. It’s rare. LOL In a nutshell: Im in love with this Trillium Resort Wedding and so much love for these people, so it is what it is!

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know I had a hard time not oversharing this wedding – even though I hate spoiling it for my couple, I couldnt hold myself back!

The History:

Stephanie and I met at a wedding show at the Grandview Resort in Muskoka, where she kicked off planning their Trillium Resort wedding.  She won my grand prize of 4 hours wedding coverage; which after some emailing back ad forth and a half failed skype interview (man, technology and me… love/hate relationship); Stephanie & Darren topped off their coverage and went with my top package for all day coverage.  The thing about that package that is so unique is it has not just an engagement session but a boudoir session too.  It put Steph and I into constant communication over the past year and a half, and Im happy to say we became such good friends.

We did their engagement session at Darren’s folks lakefront home. Mark and Jane were so welcoming, and it was quick to see where Darren’s sense of humour came from! Check out their Muksoka E-sesh here.

I went to their home to shoot Steph’s Boudoir session (which I cant share here…. sorry gang!) and after we had beer and nachos and just hung out.  A couple weeks later Steph came to my place to work with me on designing her boudoir album; which she was having made as a wedding day gift for Darren! (And what a hit it was! I loved being a fly on the wall when he opened it!)

By the time their Trillium Resort wedding rolled around, I truly felt like one of the gang. I laughed with them, cried behind my camera when they said their vows and danced the night away with their family and friends.

As I cycled through these photos to make selections for both a slideshow teaser and this blog post I had to reach for the tissue again – Im a mega sap for a happy love story.

If you’re not a scroller; here’s a slideshow video.

Stephanie and Darren Slideshow





trillium-resort-wedding_0000 trillium-resort-wedding_0001 trillium-resort-wedding_0002 trillium-resort-wedding_0003 trillium-resort-wedding_0005 trillium-resort-wedding_0006 trillium-resort-wedding_0008 trillium-resort-wedding_0009 trillium-resort-wedding_0010 trillium-resort-wedding_0011trillium-resort-wedding_0013 trillium-resort-wedding_0015 trillium-resort-wedding_0014 trillium-resort-wedding_0016trillium-resort-wedding_0018 trillium-resort-wedding_0019 trillium-resort-wedding_0020 trillium-resort-wedding_0021 trillium-resort-wedding_0022 trillium-resort-wedding_0023 trillium-resort-wedding_0024 trillium-resort-wedding_0025 trillium-resort-wedding_0026

trillium-resort-wedding_0051 trillium-resort-wedding_0050 trillium-resort-wedding_0049

trillium-resort-wedding_0027 trillium-resort-wedding_0028 trillium-resort-wedding_0029 trillium-resort-wedding_0030 trillium-resort-wedding_0031 trillium-resort-wedding_0032 trillium-resort-wedding_0034 trillium-resort-wedding_0033 trillium-resort-wedding_0035 trillium-resort-wedding_0036 trillium-resort-wedding_0037 trillium-resort-wedding_0039 trillium-resort-wedding_0038 trillium-resort-wedding_0040 trillium-resort-wedding_0041 trillium-resort-wedding_0042 trillium-resort-wedding_0043 trillium-resort-wedding_0044 trillium-resort-wedding_0045 trillium-resort-wedding_0046trillium-resort-wedding_0052 trillium-resort-wedding_0053 trillium-resort-wedding_0054 trillium-resort-wedding_0057 trillium-resort-wedding_0055 trillium-resort-wedding_0056 trillium-resort-wedding_0058 trillium-resort-wedding_0059 trillium-resort-wedding_0063 trillium-resort-wedding_0061 trillium-resort-wedding_0062 trillium-resort-wedding_0060 trillium-resort-wedding_0064trillium-resort-wedding_0065 trillium-resort-wedding_0066 trillium-resort-wedding_0067 trillium-resort-wedding_0068 trillium-resort-wedding_0069 trillium-resort-wedding_0070 trillium-resort-wedding_0071 trillium-resort-wedding_0072 trillium-resort-wedding_0073 trillium-resort-wedding_0075 trillium-resort-wedding_0076trillium-resort-wedding_0077 trillium-resort-wedding_0079 trillium-resort-wedding_0078 trillium-resort-wedding_0080 trillium-resort-wedding_0081 trillium-resort-wedding_0082 trillium-resort-wedding_0083 trillium-resort-wedding_0084 trillium-resort-wedding_0085 trillium-resort-wedding_0086 trillium-resort-wedding_0087 trillium-resort-wedding_0088 trillium-resort-wedding_0089 trillium-resort-wedding_0090 trillium-resort-wedding_0091 trillium-resort-wedding_0095 trillium-resort-wedding_0096 trillium-resort-wedding_0097 trillium-resort-wedding_0098 trillium-resort-wedding_0099 trillium-resort-wedding_0100 trillium-resort-wedding_0094 trillium-resort-wedding_0093 trillium-resort-wedding_0092
trillium-resort-wedding_0101 trillium-resort-wedding_0102 trillium-resort-wedding_0103 trillium-resort-wedding_0104 trillium-resort-wedding_0107 trillium-resort-wedding_0105 trillium-resort-wedding_0106 trillium-resort-wedding_0109 trillium-resort-wedding_0110 trillium-resort-wedding_0111 trillium-resort-wedding_0112 trillium-resort-wedding_0113 trillium-resort-wedding_0114 trillium-resort-wedding_0108trillium-resort-wedding_0118 trillium-resort-wedding_0115 trillium-resort-wedding_0116 trillium-resort-wedding_0117 trillium-resort-wedding_0119 trillium-resort-wedding_0120 trillium-resort-wedding_0123 trillium-resort-wedding_0124 trillium-resort-wedding_0125 trillium-resort-wedding_0126 trillium-resort-wedding_0127 trillium-resort-wedding_0128 trillium-resort-wedding_0121 trillium-resort-wedding_0122 trillium-resort-wedding_0129 trillium-resort-wedding_0130 trillium-resort-wedding_0131 trillium-resort-wedding_0132 trillium-resort-wedding_0133

Love you guys and thank you – for your trust in me, my artistic vision and for welcoming me into your lives.



Wedding Pro Team

Venue – Trillium Resort & Spa

Officiant – Leah Elliot – Elan Weddings

Bridal Gown – Barbra Allin from Beckers Bridal 

Bridesmaids Gowns – The Gown

Grooms & Groomsmen Attire – Moores

Hair and Makeup – Spa Muskoka

Brides Rings – Spence Diamonds

Grooms Ring – The Hunt House 

DJ – The Muskoka Touring Company

Florals – Seasons in the Country

Buttertarts – Stephs Aunt – Teri Anley

And many thanks to my Second Photographer Bobbi Jo & Assistant Alex! What a great team!