Top 5 Reasons To Have an Intimate Wedding

Hey Friends! So you’re planning an intimate wedding. Congratulations!  This is such a special time, and take it from me; you wont regret doing things a little smaller. As someone who has shot a fair number of smaller weddings, here are my top 5 reasons to have an intimate wedding:


Top 5 Reasons to have an Intimate Wedding

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#1.  They don’t call it intimate for nothin.  Loosely translated, this means that you will have time to speak to every single one of your guests.  Your VIPs will thank you for it.

#2.  Timelines. Timelines are much easier to follow with smaller weddings. And shorter in general. Big weddings tend to have more structure. Or maybe its just because couples doing intimate weddings don’t care about timelines so much. Loose timelines for the win.

#3.  More for less. You can save. And you can splurge. Save on the number of plates of food, cake servings, chair rentals etc and splurge on the things you value – meal upgrades, open bar, a kick ass photographer and an amazing live band.

#4. Venue choices – They choices are endless! Its way harder finding a venue to house 150 people than it is to host 40. Rent out a fantastic restaurant, art gallery or host your ceremony by your favourite lake at a Provincial Park.

#5. You will get to hang out with your spouse. No really – have you ever been a guest at a big wedding, where the bride and groom are whisked away by excited guests ALL NIGHT LONG?  You will actually get to hang out together and enjoy each other company. You will be so much more at ease, relaxed and truly enjoy yourselves.

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It was really hard to just name  5 reasons to have an intimate wedding – but in a nutshell, its your day, and if you want a wedding that feels more like a family gathering than a large production, consider hosting an intimate wedding.


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