5 Favourite Things from this Alliston Photographer


So last night I was at the studio with Jaclyn, a bride whos epic wedding I shot in June (you may recall her engagement session, but if not, check it out); and we’re drinking red wine and getting started on her album design, when somehow we got on the topic of my blog! We’ll she informed me that it’s been MONTHS since I wrote a “5 Favourite Things Post!”  The 5 favourite things post used to be on my “About Me” page, and I was SO much better at keeping it up month to month when it was front page but I digress.

This TGIF edition of my 5 Favourite Things is for you Jacs.

  1. Red Wine.  Probably a duplicate in my lists, often a favourite – I had my first glass of red wine in like a year, so it was a celebratory moment and I cherished every single sip of this Cab-Sauv by Smoking Loon! 
  2. Cremahh – Artisan Gelato.  I passed through Beeton on my way back from the Club at Bond Head to pick up my lighting umbrella that I left there a few weeks pack, and spotted Cremah right on the Main Street.  I had heard how amazing it was from a few people, and read a feature on it in the “In The Hills” Magazine. The article mentioned how the use fresh, ingredients, supporting local dairy, fruit and honey farmers.  Any business that supports local is a winner in my eyes – but when Ty and I had just a taste of the Salted Caramel Gelato…. Heaven.
  3. Starbucks Instant Iced Coffee. With Baileys creamers. Might be ranking higher than tea in my world. And you get it from the grocery store.
  4. Beach 3 At Wasaga Beach. Ok Why Beach 3?  Well Beach one has a bunch of birds that are on the endgangered species list laying eggs, so the whole area is off limits.  Beach 2 is for the partiers and is always packed, beach 4 kinda yucky, and beach 5&6 are super yucky. Like swimming in topsoil. No exaggeration.  Beach 3 is clean and fun and not too busy. Its my go to for a family swim, or to do a romantic sunset engagement shoot.
  5. Office Supplies.  What girl doesn’t love a stack of post its? Well imagine how giddy with excitement I was when I got a laminator!!!!!  I got it for the kids homeschooling, but its kinda addicting, and hard to resist laminating all the papers lol  – The added bonus > it was cheap! 3M Scotch Lamintor

Anyways – I hope you have a great Friday, and fabulous long weekend. Im off to shoot Megan & Mikes wedding in London.  I cant wait! Leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are, and if you also have an office supply addition.


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