What a blast! The South Simcoe Bridal Show Saturday March 21 at the Gibson Centre was a true success!

Together we raised $65 in cash and 220 pounds of food for the Good Shepherd Food Bank!  Give yourselves a round of applause!!!!

I had a promotion just for the show where people could book meeting with me and receive a complimentary mini engagement session, which I believe was received really well as my coffee date calendar s filling up quickly!  Essentially all Im asking for is some quiet time to listen to you about your wedding plans; we can chat about your vision, and get to know each other a little more to help determine if we’re a good fit for one another, creatively and personality wise.  Either way, at our coffee date (or drinks date… whichever you prefer!) we’ll book a complimentary mini engagement session.  Why?  Why would I give away my time for free to 11-12 different couples? Honestly, because I feel very strongly that you need to LIKE your photographer, and a quick meeting just isn’t enough! I will be beside you for a very long time on your wedding day, and leading up to it we will be talking A LOT… It just makes sense that I demonstrate what Im all about so that all there is zero awkwardness on your big day.

That offer expires this Saturday (the 28th)

My promotional show pricing expires April 31st

The engagement story contest is being extended, but that’s because Kool FM is picking up the story and wants to post it on their home page!!! YAY!!!

I cant chat too much now, as I’m on my way out to meet a June 2016 bride, but check back here soon, Ill have some photos to add and other awesome highlights!