I recently learned of a phrase: “soccer mom photographer”.


The phrase itself wasn’t directed at me, nor did it bother me near as much as the fully loaded sense of accusation that came with it.

The “speaker”, a pro photographer, was saying that she was tired of competing (on price) against every soccer mom with a camera.  She’s not just isolating soccer moms though, that part was for dramatic flair Im sure, but at anyone commissioning the odd photo shoot for less than the industry standard.

So why did it bug me so much?

First off – we all gotta start somewhere.  It’s no one’s job to squash your dreams of being a photographer – whether you plan to make it your full time career, part time job, or passionate hobby.

How dare anyone dam anyones creative stream?

I didn’t like the comment, and not just because I am officially a soccer mom (Yep, minus the mini van, but I’m sure there is one in my future!), but because I can’t imagine where I would be, or how I would have felt if I had heard this phrase 5 years ago…. I certainly have learned a lot over the years and the work I did then is nothing like the style I curate now, but I reiterate – I had to start somewhere.

So if you’re a soccer mom, baseball mom, dance mom, new mom, old mom, not even a mom and you have a camera that you love taking pictures with, then Rock IT out!!

My only advice for you is if you dream, dream big; and don’t let the big fish make you feel less than awesome.

None of us ever stop learning, so if you’re a professional photographer reading this, please remember what and who inspired you. Be nothing less than inspiring.
I’ll leave you now with some of my latest work,

xoxo, Soccer Mom Photographer

Keith wasn’t sure about this whole team sports thing… Dad on the field to encourage.


He got into it for a little….

we gotta work on the no hands thing though lol


Future player


Team Mascot?

Eventually they gave up on the game…

Went to the park instead.






High 5’s to all the kids on No Frills Shelburne Soccer Club Team Green!

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