Best friends Allie & Jamie met with the Alliston Photography Facebook Group to model a Sister Photo Shoot in Alliston for us.  The day we planned to meet it was calling for severe thunderstorms.  We all decided to risk it, but just as I got in my Durango and backed out of my driveway it started to POUR!  By the time I got to Alliston the skies were perfectly clear.  I couldnt believe the break we caught.

We met at the Rotary Pavillion and worked with some nice evening light.  Its my favourite time of shoot.  I wish all the shoots could be at golden hour!

As with any photoshoot, or any client, my primary goal is to make my subjects feel at ease in front of the camera.  The beautiful part about a sister photo shoot is they are able to absorb energy off one another, and feel more comfortable having someone they trust beside them.

Allie and Jamie quickly relaxed.  Once they were able to let loose a little, they started to show their true colours.  Both girls are beautiful; with incedible eyes; and equally beautiful smiles.

Jamie is super fun, quick to laugh (a lot! lol) – very charismatic; and Allie rocked a super cool pose very easily; almost like she’d done this before – total rock star.  But most important even, is that we captured their relationship.  These sisters from other misters were so much fun to spend time with.  AND we talked horses and Heartland.  HEARTLAND people! I thought I was the only one who watched! HAHA!

I hope you enjoy your preview girls!  I can hardly wait until our next shoot!


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