Getting Ready Photos – to do or not to do?

It’s standard, and maybe you don’t do standard; so you’re questioning whether you really need getting ready photos.

Should I have getting ready photos?

You do not need to do anything you dont want to do.  There are no rules with weddings anymore (except the legal stuff that is…).

More and more couples are opting for non traditional weddings that outline who they are in this moment of their lives.  And that is awesome.

The thing I like about getting ready photos is the candidness, and the energy that fills the room when your in the middle of getting ready. Emotions are high, the details you chose are beautiful and often meaningful, and the moment that you put them on will be etched in your mind forever, when you think about your wedding day.

Getting Ready Photos Jennifer Hibberd Photography

The thing to consider that may help you decide whether to have getting ready photos or not.

  1. Are candid/documentary photos of the the people in the room with you more or less important than the posed/traditional ones that generally take place after the ceremony?
  2. Are there special, heirloom details being used, worn, borrowed that you’d like to have a photo of that might otherwise get missed as the day goes on and gets busier?
  3. Is the person/people helping you into your dress, shoes, accessories someone that one day you’ll wish you had MORE photos of, and with?
  4. How do you imagine your wedding album from start to finish (and please dont tell me you dont need an album – even if you don’t get one from me, you need an album!).  Do you feel like getting ready photos will help tell a stronger story?
  5. Are you trying to minimize photography coverage to fit within a certain package? (more on this later)


Getting Ready photos styled details


After answering these questions if you’re still unsure, you should ask yourself just this: Will I miss these photos?  Will future generations miss these photos?

If your answer is yes, that you should have some getting ready photos.

If your answer is no, than nope. You don’t need them at all.


Im going to briefly explain in a future post how to Fake Getting Ready Shots – but for now, I just want to touch on packages and inclusions.

When You Realize You’re Letting Your Wallet Dictate Your Photography Coverage (even if you dont want to)

My packages are designed to take that getting ready stuff out of the equation. They aren’t based on hourly rates, but instead of moments and event based time blocks. All of my packages start at getting ready photos.  I’m not there long, and do both bride and groom (or Bride + Bride, Groom + Groom…) if time allows (if you are in the same area), and I do this because I believe no one has ever regretted having getting ready coverage. More often than not, people will report saying that they had way too many reception candids of plus 1s, or slightly intoxicated cousins that THAT part of the photography was more of a waste to them.

I have packages that end at the start of dinner, and ones that go through and catch about an hour of your reception – which is generally more than enough. Sometimes Im guilty of sticking around a little longer because Im having a great time with your guests and they’re loving the camera, but that’s another post all together 😉  Of course if you feel strongly about not having them – Im all to willing to do a custom package to meet your personal photography desires and I’d love to hear your vantage point on this!

So I hope that helps you with your decision on whether to have getting ready photos covered.

Getting ready photos in Collingwood Ontario

Also, you might like the post I wrote specifically to the Groom on getting ready photos, because I do think that guys tend to have a different outlook on this subject.