Shelburne Golf & Country Club 1950’s Bridal Shower Inspiration

If you read enough of my blog posts, its likely you may have heard about the Rising Tide Society, and the local TuesdaysTogether local creative groups.  We got together to create this 1950’s Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Inspiration at Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Kristen Au Prestan Tilley Jo MacIntosh are the beauties in this amazing collaboration between multiple vendors that came on as a challenge from the Rising Tide Society.
TuesdaysTogether Barrie had 4 photographers shoot this amazing 50s Bridal Shower Styled Shoot (Mark Evers, Alexandria Ferguson, Hyla Gallo) come together to create a seamless gallery that I cannot tell whos work is whos now! This was an amazing challenge, you all are rock stars! A special thanks to Tatyana Boutique for providing these stunning dresses.


Here are a few of my shots.

Inside the Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Styled Bridal Shower_0000 Styled Bridal Shower_0004 Styled Bridal Shower_0002 Styled Bridal Shower_0003 Styled Bridal Shower_0001 1950's Bridal Shower Photography_0001


Outside the Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Shelburne Photographer_0001 Shelburne Photographer_0002 Shelburne Photographer_0004 Shelburne Photographer_0003 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0001 1950's Bridal Shower Photography_0002 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0003 Shelburne Photographer_0005 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0003 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0004


Click HERE the gallery from the 1950’s Bridal Shower Photography Inspiration Collaboration. (Live Link for the month of July)