I had a great time on sunday at the Say Yes Bridal Showcase at the Muskoka Grandview Resort.  This was the first show for Diane and the crew at the Say Yes Bridal Gallery in Muskoka, and it was a great success.  I had the opportunity to meet so many great vendors, and also meet an amazing group of brides.

I had donated a door prize of $300 off my wedding services, which went to Naomi Peaker who I had already connected with for her Sept 30, 2017 wedding! Her excitement was contageous! I couldn’t believe I drew her name!

The other contest I had was to win my 4 hour wedding package – valued at $1700!!!! I have contacted the lucky bride, and now am waiting for confirmation! I’ll do a HUGE announcement on that when it’s settled!

Here is the display I put on in the space I had.


Bridal Show Photography Display_0000

Showing off some published work, and my album and print samples. All my printed work is from here in Canada.  If you’re a photographer who wants to know more about my sources, send me a message; but this lab is only for professionals, so my clients KNOW they’re getting top notch quality.


My testimonial display – which I need to update with the latest from this past season!

ways to display business cards_0000

When I was thinking of ways to display my business cards, I wanted something non traditional.  These wine corks I have had around since the year I was married! We saved up a whole bunch between 2009 and 2010 for decor pieces at our reception, and of course being a sentimental hoarder type, I still have them so I put them to good use 🙂

Fine art matted print in wood block_0001

This Fuji Matte print in the wood block stand showed people alternative ways to display their wedding photography!  The “Feel Me” tag was a conversation piece too; lol, I made EVERY ONE touch the Fuji Deep Matte prints.  If you’ve never heard of this or seen it, you’ll have to come by the studio and check it out!

Fun Bridal Show Gift_0000

These fun little bridal show gifts that we handed out were a huge hit; but I cant take all the credit! The idea came from a photographer friend in California, check out her work here: Blue Blossom Photography; she’s phenomenal! Also, my preschoolers prove to be amazing little helpers at this kind of this, between the little ones peeling stickers and the oldest one tying ribbon we made about 100 of these silly little things!

Speaking of older one – he also was a great sidekick at the show.  Here he is taking a minute to rest before the brides showed up.


In addition to great show contests and promos, my main message came through loud and clear; and that was to print your photos.  People are starting to see that having something tangible is way more valued than having images on a screen – I used this heirloom print of my Great Grandparents as a prime example of how timeless a print is.  Aren’t they cool?  I totally want to do a styled wedding shoot with this in mind 🙂heirloom print_0000

Thanks for checking out what we had on at the show.  If you’re looking for a Muskoka wedding photographer, I’d love to be considered.

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