Location – Rock Hill Park, Mulmur ON

If you don’t know this place exists, chances are you’d never find it.

The not so famous Rock Hill Park, located in an obscure location on Country Rd 17 between Mansfield and Masonville.  I guess if would be considered Whitfield.  If you do know of the area you know the Park was home to some very cool outdoor music festivals – boasting big names like the Guess Who and even Willie Nelson.  Check out this article on the Freak Out Festival by David Waters.

I had come across this magical place on hikes along the Bruce Trail; but when I tried to lead the Alliston Photo Club to the highlights of the park, we came across closed trails, and less than ideal hiking conditions due to rain that day, the rocks and cavernous areas were just too slippery.

We had a styled country shoot unfolding, and no good natural lighting amongst the trees, so we set out to the field area, and with daylight giving way to dusk we caught some beautiful golden light.

Here’s what I captured of Natalie at the outskirts of Rock Hill Park.











I don’t usually process photos like that last one. I call it Summer Light Leak. Its pretty intense but I actually like it in this case!

And here is one of Kerri of the Alliston Photo Club
She’s making Michelle laugh 🙂 Lots of laughter and talent in this group – click here to see the Group’s Facebook page for more Rock Hill Park Photos.https://www.facebook.com/groups/allistonphotographyclub/

I hope to get back out to get more photos at Rock Hill Park – I really want to do a history inspired Hippy Shoot there – so if you are interested in being a part of that – send me a message!