This is the first in a series of personal posts.
In my “About Jen” page there is a section of 5 Random Things About Me – it’s a spot for all my favourite products, restaurants, songs I’m loving, etc but each month I write over them, leaving them in the dust. I thought it might be helpful for my brides and readers if they were able to access these tidbits in the archives if needed.

Disclaimer: I am not a critic by trade. I leave that up to the Siskel and Ebert’s of the world, but I love nice things, and nice places, and I know what I like – I also know what I DISlike, and since many of my brides have similar tastes, this could be a fun and helpful read for them each month.

Lets dive in to July!

Hits & Misses

-$17.50 Parking at Wasaga Beach Provinical Park. That’s just criminal. No rant needed, but the alternative is fine if you don’t mind a crowd. Park in the public lots, and go to Beach 1 or 2; or park at Dollarama/McDonalds and walk to Beach 4 area.
-Seagulls. Keeping with the beach theme; except their offense comes from my Sobeys parking lot experience… In Alliston… which is like 40km from any body of water; where my 3 year old dropped some muffin crumbs climbing out of his car seat, and we were practically attacked. I can’t even.
-Anything fat-free. Because its still loaded with calories and so my mind thinks I can eat all I want, until I’ve consumed as much as my entire family at Thanksgiving. This ones for you Chapmans 97% fat free frozen yogurt that tastes like the amazing goodness of ice cream. One. More. Scoop. Thanks a bunch.

+Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale. Ok I know its not new, and hardly  fancy but Adam and I tend to bring in a new IPA into our home each month, trying something new is fun and usually rewarding, but sometimes the tried and true is like an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile, yet enjoy the comfortable silence that comes with their company.
+Essie Quick-E. I’ve mentioned this before on all avenues of social media and I’ll mention it again. IT SAVES MY LIFE EVERY TIME! I’ll shout it from the rooftops! I have kids – little boys even, and its Murphy’s Law that if a fresh coat of paint goes on; SOMETHING will go down, rendering me helpless with no choice but to destroy my hard work, smearing paint all over the place. Never fails. ALAS Essie Quick-E to the rescue! A couple drops onto a fresh mani, and in seconds you are good to go about your day, laughing in the face of emergency, and looking dang good doing it.
+The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I loved this book, and finally got to see the movie. I’m a sucker for a cowboy.

That is all.