>Ok This project 365 thing is gonna be harder than I thought.

12.4.15 Day 2/365
I took 88 photos today, but time did not allow for me to sift through a bunch, so I immediately went to the one that I loved the most.

My Pint Sized Pizza Partier. Literally stole the leftover pizza from the fridge (Note its still open)

Pint Size Partier

At least hes enjoying himself.

12.5.15 dAY 3/365 – More Water Play, Story Time, and Tea with Cousins.

Today was a great day.




Started out with a little water play, which of course
resulted in a big mess



Once I cleaned up the tsunami, I found them here.


Later I got to see my cousins. Erin I talk to regularily, but I havent seen Meg in years. We had a great time – did a litte shopping at Granny Taught us how, and then went for tea at Mrs. Mitchell’s. Its always scrumptious – just feast your eyes.

Not a lot of time for photos though, we were all laughing so hard, but I was glad I snapped this one.
Erin on the left; Meg on the right. Felt like no time had passed between us; cant wait til our next outing.

12.6.15 Day 4 – Bad Day, Great Friends

Just one photo today, and a quick story. Β I have great friends. Β The kind that when your having a crap day, deliver ice cream to your door.


12.7.15 Day 5 – Boys with Curls

Sometimes I just can’t get over how beautiful my children are.

12.8.15 Day 6 – Champ Burger, Super Chill

Today we went to speech therapy; and its become our routine to stop at Champ Burger – seriously the best burgers around. Snapped this one of Keith waiting patiently for his lunch πŸ™‚

And then later today we had some quiet time, where he was just super chill. Ive always had a thing for feet.

12.9.15 Day 7 -Project 365, week 1 – Complete

Woke up to this happy guy; he really is so relaxed – never cries to get out of his bed or anything like that πŸ™‚

Meanwhile at 8:30 this guy was still sleeping, and even the sound of the shutter going off didnt stir him…
That concludes week one! For Day 1, and the launch of this project – Click here.

Week 2

12.10.15 – Day 8 – crayons and floor nap

I went out today, started some Christmas shopping (ya… late as usual), and I came home to this:


Like seriously… party til you drop!
Sick of baby feet yet??? I’ll never tire of them.

Meawhile… my budding artist…



12.11.15 – Day 9 – Tractors in the Grass (Spring in Decemeber)


12.12.15 – Day 10Β – Tree Day at Laura’s Tree Farm

This one deserves it’s own post – and I think that’s what I’ll do.. but in the spirit of the very busy holidays (and me being 3 days late with sharing my daily photo), I’ll leave it at 2. One for each of my boys – having a blast at Laura’s Christmas Tree Farm.
Laura's Tree Farm 1

Lauras Tree Farm 2
We also set the tree up, and Keith decorated it almost all by himself (he didnt want any help – shocker!) But I’ll share those later too πŸ™‚

12.13.15 – Day 11 – Dark Day – Christmas Bokeh
Adam had to work, it was a rainy Sunday, and we didnt do much until dinner time, where the boys and I went out for dinner. As far as 365 goes, it was a harder day. This was my favourite. And intentionally out of focus shot of my outdoor tree lights… it kinda looks like they’re smiling.
Christmas Bokeh

12.14.15 – Day 12 – Tea Time-Me Time

Again, not a lot of time for uploads – today’s 365 is brought to you by peace and quiet πŸ˜‰ and homemade pumpkin muffins.

12.15.15 – Day 13
Feeling the Christmas rush now!


12.16.15 – day 14
Last minute grab… end of the night, playing with the scentsy warmer light.


12.17.15 – Adams Bday – Day 15.
This was the day that started off like poop. I had a midwife appointment, but then the battery on my Durango died, leaving me stranded. I also had plans to grab Adam a little birthda present while I was out, but that didnt happen of course, so the kids and I did some drawings and Sharon (Adams mom) had brought over Adam’s fave – Saucy Mocha Pudding Cake. And I made some little turnover thingies.
Then we ordered Chinese – taking a crappy start and turning it into a celebration!




Project_365_Clickin_Moms_000712.18.15. day 16 – A hint of Snow

Last minute grabs again; midnight snow gave us a glimpse of winter… This Project 365 is proving super hard right now.

12.19.15 – Day 17. {AWOL}
Today was a huge holiday shopping day and party day. I could add an iphone photo in here, but the truth is I failed to take a photo with the big girl camera for my project 365. So a placebo will be this bowl of chili, which I COOKED on the 19th, so that counts for something! Too bad though, because we went to a beautiful holday party and I could have taken so many great shots…

It really was amazing chili though!

12.20.15 – Day 18 – Gingerbread pancakes, and cute feet


12.21.15 – Day 19 – Holiday Magic and A Sticky Situation

What started off as an innocent night..



When you have toddler/preschooler boys… you just know there has to be trouble lurking from time to time. Well, Keefer, while he should have been sound asleep in his bed, grabbed a hold of what is supposed to be part of a friends family gift for Christmas, and this is how I found him.




Hard to blame him though, Tootsie Pops are kinda the best.