Project 365 – 12.3.15 – Mansfield Photographer

Inspired by the group on Clickin Moms – the first day of my Project 365 – 12.3.15

The idea is to post an image a day, which because I was all gung ho to start this project I took several (dozen) and I will have to choose one to post to the forum, if I want to share with the group.

Picking just one has ALWAYS been a problem for me.  I cant pick a favourite song, a favourite movie, a favourite food… as if I can pick just one fave in a set of photos!

I did put the feature blog photo up for vote – since I couldn’t decide between black and white or colour (Lord help me… indecisive, procrastinator…OI!)

Here’s the start to my project – sort of a day in the life – or morning in the life of me and my boys 🙂

Mansfield Photographer -Day in the Life

Started out early, and quiet.  I was up before the boys… and the sun for that matter.

Mansfield Photographer - The forest through the trees

I took the camera outside, when I went to feed Kira. The sky was still cool, but the sun was just coming up.

Mansfield Photographer - Tamaracs in the Morning


Kira loves this cooler weather!

Mansfield Photographer - Early Morning Breakfast

Hung out with this cutie while he ate his breaky.


Then headed out for a some diggin.


Doing some dishes… well overdue!

Trains and dirty pyjamas

Trains and dirty pyjamas


Nap time came, and I played with the macro lens. Dried hydrangeas made for a nice still subject.


laundry time – these are my all time favourite toddler jeans. 2 Babies have worn them, and a 3rd will soon too!

Thanks for joining me and the boys this fine December morning!

Oh PS! Here is the black and white side by side that I put for vote – in case you missed it – you can be the judge! Feel free to comment below!


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