May already.  Its been 4 weeks since my last letter – 4 weeks since Pearson was born.  4 weeks of rocking, nursing, bouncing, patting. 4 weeks of trying to read books to Ollie with one hand, eat with one hand, and Ive gotten very good at making the bed with one hand.

A friend of my family was over recently, for business actually and he sent me a message that said (readers digest version) that Adam and I are great parents; that we make it look easy. He reiterated that he knew it was not, and then closed with “we’re naturals”.  The truth is, Im happy – Im proud of my family which makes it look like I have it all under control.  That and I pick my battles.  Words of Wisdom. Pick your battles.

May 2016 Letter to My Children – Breakfast Edition

Dear Boys,

Sometimes it’s hard to know when the night stops and the morning starts.  Keith, you always make sure I dont mess that up – because even if Ollie and Pearson are fast asleep, if the sun is up; you’re up.  Thanks for getting me on my toes.  The early bird gets the worm they say.  But first, do you want to watch soemthing on YouTube on my phone? Ya? Awesome.

Ollie, you’re such a suny, happy guy when you wake up! But why on earth do you pee sooooo much every night!  Every diaper has its breaking point, and you find it every night… Oh well, lets get you into dry clothes, and then Mommy will feed the baby real quick, then I can get you guys some breakfast and get on with our day.

Keith, I was hoping Pearson would let me put him down long enough and I could make pancakes that would have been awesome…  I cant make pancakes with one hand unfortunately.  Go sit down and watch Paw Patrol and I’ll get you something.

Today we’re having pretzels and chocolate milk for breakfast.

I know, Im awesome.


Love Mommy



Its a HUGE adjustment having a newborn in the house. Ive learned to give myself grace.  Most of the time.  Picking my battles and savouring the time I have with them is more important than anything.

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Newborn Photos