Lighting, Posing & Business of Wedding Photography Workshop

I had the pleasure of participating in an amazing in person wedding photography workshop hosted by my incredibly talented friends,  John & Veronica of John & Veronica Photography, located in North York, Toronto.

I can’t begin fully describe the value I got from doing this.  At this time of year, with a stack of editing in the que, albums being designed and packages delivered; it’s sometimes difficult forwedding photographers to take time for themselves, let alone to plan for artistic development and education.

Our group had varying skill & experience levels, J & V kept the workshop very open, with questions and conversation throughout, which made fast friends of the whole group!  I can’t say enough how much this enhanced the workshop – Im a big advocate of Community over Competition and this group was just so awesome and supportive of one another!

Im so inspired, motivated, eager to get out there and apply as much as I can, because its all exactly what I needed and what I was looking for. I feel confident to make some changes that wont just better my business, but will enhance my client experience!
For those that follwed my #BTS shots on my instagram stories, you’ll know that we had a ton of fun!

Without further delay,

Here are a few behind the scenes shots, of John and Veronica in action, my new friends and some of my final shots.
Thanks again to John & Veronica – Have an amazing wedding and honeymoon! xo
John setting up the elinchrom and profoto b1… we later began calling it the butter dish… because those skin tones though!
Behind the scenes shots above… our gorgeous models Jeanne Heckman & Adam Murciano… they met like 5 seconds before these shots…
a few natural light *see how amazing the profoto is?
Then we broke out the Magmod – single flash + mag grid + mag sphere = heart eyes
Then the super fun night shoot – shots below featuring the Westcott Icelight (x2) by Jerry Ghionis
for amazing selfies, and these shots here
like I mean COME ON!
Getting creative with available light
Finally to wrap up day 1 – bare speedlight behind the couple for this piece.  I’m in love!
Loved this experience so much, and look forward to doing it again sometime!