As your photographer

I take a personal interest in curating artistic, well documented and creative images; but also I like to PROTECT your images as best as possible.
During your shoot – I am shooting on 2 cards simultaneously; ensuring that even if a card is to fail, it’s back up will have your story in full.
Immediately after your shoot – your images are transferered to a) my PC, and then b) to DVD/bluRay disc.
This ensures that if I were to have a hard drive crash (God forbid) that the session is on disc, available for me to continue to work on, or if (touch wood this never happens to you!) after the delivery of your images you happen to experience an incredibly unfortunate event, where your digital images fail (and I will be hard pressed to try and sell you on the importance of printing your photos so you always have something!), but then at least you can count on your photographer to come to the rescue.
Everyone loves a Hero but that being said, I’d much rather you didn’t have to ever call me up for archives. Instead let’s discuss some of your own back up/archival options, and print preservation. Message me now┬áto get some helpful tips or valuable upgrade options for your packages now.