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Hello again! My seven day blog series is now a seven post blog series. I had a day long session, plus an impromtu trip to the ER for Ollie-bear. He was climbing and fell, and broke his hand. Well sort of. The Xray shows mayyybe a small fracture, so they splinted it, and told us to come back in 10 days. By then a teeny fracture will be healed by then. Anyways my point is that life happens; and so the series continues, even with a 2 day pause in the midst ūüôā

These sessions have had many name changes but today after writing this whole post, the answer came to me in crystal clear laser focus. Spirit and Soul Sessions. Or Spirit and Soul Personal Transformation Photoshoots. Not exactly your mainstream photo sesh.

They actually evolved from my¬† boudoir¬†sessions, such as the cozy indoor boudoir shot shown below.¬† I quickly realized how much deeper a boudoir session was beyond the skin.¬† Boudoir photography was actually the first modality I worked with to help empower women (before coaching and yoga etc), but it morphed from standard, “traditional” shoots with lacy lingerie and heels in the bedroom.¬† I worked deeper with my clients to understand where they were at and what was rising to the surface and also make the whole experience truly collaborative.

It was an opportunity to be vulnerable, and when we are in that state, we learn so much about ourselves, and can actually overcome barriers and tear down walls we didn’t know existed.¬† I would hear examples of this over and over from clients of mine, but also about how it made them feel.



Hanover ON Boudoir Photographer

Rise of the Divine Feminine 

Empowered. Strong. Free. Alive. 

These are just some of the words my clients use to describe how they feel after doing one of these soul sessions.

Its a chance to let go of ideas, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you and holding you back. Its a chance to allow your feminine to rise and shine: Your creativity, your spontaneity. Be in a state of allowing. Receptive. In flow. Its very nurturing to the soul.

This is also why many of my shoots wind up at or in the water. Water is the element associate with our second chakra; the energy center associated with our creativity, receptivity, and sexuality. Our feminine energy is something that has been oppressed in us for hundreds of years, and women are waking up to embrace their power.  


Boho Summer Solstice River Boudoir

So its not just a photo shoot?

As I said, these sessions have evolved, as we have evolved as well.

Along your personal or spiritual path you will see transformation and growth. I believe that no matter where are along that journey, that you should be honoured, and celebrated.

There is so much to unpack with this topic, but in a nutshell, I work with you. Hold space for you. Provide additional tools and modalities such as guided meditations and breath work to move and shift energy, if thats what you are open to. We can even schedule your session according the lunar phase that best matches the energy/intention you’re looking to nurture.¬†¬†

We can draw an oracle card prior to your sessions also. 

Definitely not just a photo shoot, but the photos preserve your moment and the experience you are having. They can act as a visual tool to share your growth and transformation, or a private reminder to celebrate where you at, no matter what.

Soul Sessions Female Empowerment Jen HIbberd Photography

Who Will Benefit the Most from a Personal Transformation Photoshoot?

Peronal Transformation Photoshoots are for¬†are for anyone, of any gender. Just because you dont see men the male form in my portfolio doesn’t mean its not an option for dudes. They would be a beautiful tool for couples to connect deeper as well.

Its for people who are doing deep work on themsleves or preparing to make big changes.

Its for people who are on a spiritual path. This crowd probably understands the significance of these sessions without an explanation; but even those who are not, will benefit. As I mentioned earlier with my boudoir clients Рthere was so much more too it than looking sexy in photos.  This goes way beyond the skin.  

Goddess Soul Sessions by Jen Hibberd

what else do i need to know?

The choice to do an empowering session like this is a personal one. You will know when the time is right for you, but if you hear yourself say things such as:

“when I lose 5 pounds”

“Im too old”

“I want to but_____”

or similar mindset, I hope you can let go of these barriers to celebrate where you are at. I cant say enough how much power is in that.


If you are in a place of darkness, and dont feel empowered, uplifted, high vibe: This is a powerful way to do some shadow work too. We can talk about that, if this is where your at.


On the note of it being a personal shoot, I recognize that you may not wish to have your photos online. I will completely respect that, if this is your choice.

When you’re ready:

schedule a meeting with me! 

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And let me know, after reading all that, do you like the new name that came to me for these sessions> Does it do it justice?



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