Dear Clients: Past Present and Future! Thank you!!!!!


Normally at this time of year I would share a 2018 highlight video, or blog post; but this year with our unusually lengthy travel plans, I’m forgoing that plan (for now).  Instead I am popping in with a simple, but heartfelt thanks to all of my clients from this year.

Those of you had me along to document your relationships, whether they were weddings, elopements, boudoir/empowerment sessions, family photos, or creative branding shoots – this year was chalk full of wonderful opportunities for me, and Im so grateful for the connections and relationships that have developed over the year.

Im so happy I had the pleasure of working with all of you, and Im eager to start 2019 on this frequency of happiness & gratitude.

This year was a big one for self discovery and personal development, and want to share a little of those reflections with you.  I will share in the next few posts, as its really meant for the creative entrepreneurs that I lead through our TuesdaysTogether group, and those that are interested in boosting their personal development themselves.

I’n the posts to come I’ll be writing about what I learned this year, my biggest take aways, fears I faced and, how I truly connected with My Why.  Stick around to discover what is next for us here at in terms of future goals.

For now though, here is a completely random photo of me in Renton Washington at Jimi Hendrix’s Memorial.

My facial expression is a complete match for how pumped I am for 2019!!!

Happy New Year Friends!

Jennifer Hibberd Personal Development Journey