Newborn Lifestyle Photos at Home

Inhome Photography: Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Newborn Lifestyle Photos are definitely gaining in popularity. Posed Newborn photos are still very lovely, and have their place in the home, but my heart is with providing natural, organic feeling images that tell a story. With  lifestyle photography, it’s build a  series of images to create a photo books or albums, slideshows or gallery walls on your walls – or all of the above and never use the same image twice!



Intimate In home Newborn Photos

Newborn lifestyle photos capture real moments…


Newborn Lifestyle Photos embrace whats true in your world, and allows you to share this with those who arent able to experience these early days, something that is very common with a global pandemic going on.    Whether you invite everyone on social media “into your home” or share it with your closest family and friends, its my goal to share how it feels to be a part of your family, and for you to remember those things that changed oh so quickly.


Newborn and Family Photos at Home

Lifestyle Newborn Photos are EASIER on You, the Parents…

When I had my studio in Alliston, I did A LOT of posed newborn shoots. I wont get into too much what a posed session is like, in terms of environment and workflow etc, but  for parents it meant prepping and packing to be sitting in a studio for 3 hours, plus additional driving time, with a newborn that is most likely (and ideally) under the age of 14 days new.  At this age babies eat every two – three hours or so, and poop and pee as frequently. For parents this means packing bottles, warmers, or stopping for nursing breaks as often as baby needs.  The photographer generally tries to keep the baby asleep while wrapping it up in cute bundles or posing them for cute nakey shots  – whatever the goal is.

At home however.. its just you, doing you. If you need to feed your baby, you do it, without worrying about taking baby off the set.  Having photos of you feeding your baby is really special too. (That being said, I totally respect your privacy if this is something you would prefer not to document).

Its that easy.  The prep is no different from having your inlaws over for dinner – I mean minus the dinner lol


Intimate Lifestyle Photos

Timing of a Newborn Lifestyle Session

Maybe the part that relives the most amount of stress is that there no set time on when to do newborn lifestyle photos.  Its whatever works best for you.

For the Dias Family, this was the one month milestone, but some families ask for a  “Fresh 48″capturing life with a brand spankin new baby, getting all those wrinkles, hand made beanies, and hospital bracelets etc.  These sessions were more traditionally done in the hospital, so dont sweat it if you dont have a bracelet, or cute “Hello My Name is” tag. 

Regardless of how soon or late you decide to do your newborn lifestyle photos, remember the goal – to document authentic moments in your babies first home.

Innisfill In home Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Coming {Really} soon – Fall 2020 – VIDEO!

As I mentioned in THIS POST, I have been keeping a new passion of mine a secret! Im excited to say that I am now offering family films in addition to my photography services. The Dias family was one of my first film clients (a hybrid of photo and film) and Im excited to share their film plus two others I shot this summer and am officially opening my calendar for family films for Winter 2020/Spring 2021. These films make INCREDIBLE family keepsakes, as well as birth announcements also.

Check out this film I made of my boys this summer.  The only way I could have made this more special for them as they grow, is if Adam and I were in it…. 






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