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Here is where I get deep y’all.

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Once upon a time, I dreamed I’d grow up to write romance novels, but never imagined I’d be using a camera document real-life love stories for generations to come. To me, photography is such an important part of how we tell our history, and I believe in the depths of my core that the printed photograph is the strongest way to share a memory. I even have faded, crinkled up photos of my Great Grandparents on display at my home.

 I am honored and blessed to be a wedding photographer!

These photos are your legacy, but in the moment – the now, the photos are YOUR memories. They show YOUR connections; to one another, and also with your families and most important friends.

Its not just photos. It’s an emotional response.  

When Im am shooting your wedding, chances are I am wiping tears away in order to see through my lens. 

I am rushing to your side to help you with your train, or his cuff links.

I get excited – so pumped up to be a part of your day, that I have to contain my energy sometimes.

I am hugging you and your Mom and Dad at the end of the night because dang it, we are family now.

I love weddings not just because of the relations I witness, but the ones I make. We make. Its all collaborative.

I promise I’ll behave, being truly professional, but fun. 

Most of the day you won’t even know Im there, but I hope that the moments that you do “see me” that you will feel like I’m helpful, encouraging and supportive.

If all that sounds good to you…

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