Muskoka Photographer – Stephanie & Darren

Nothing beats a day in Muskoka.  Nothing.

The breeze off the lake, the earthy smell of the forest, the peace and calm. Brings out my inner gypsy (hippy? maybe) everytime.

So when Stephanie & Darren invited me up to shoot at Darren’s parents house on the lake I was a little giddy.  We were initially threatened by weather… rain… bah, I was ready for anything.  I called up my friend Alex to see if she wanted to join me for this little road trip and asked her if she’d bring her film cameras!

I have been interested in shooting film for awhile; inpsired by some of my best photographer friends I couldn’t think of a better time to try it out!  So alternating my full frame Nikon, and a Canon AE-1, loaded with a Fuji 400 film, I shot a film SLR for the very first time!!!

What I learned:

  1.  Film is FUN!!!! You have no clue exactly how its going to turn out so it feels like an adventure!
  2. It slows you down… this was all manual focus; and since you only get 24 shots (instead of 2400) you pause, breathe, meter, pause, breathe, compose, pause, breathe, focussssss, snap.
  3. The snap of the shutter! Its loud and took me by surprise!  So fun.
  4. You have to wait to process it. Film is making a come back, but its still a challenge finding local, or Canadian labs. So you wait, like a kid at Christmas for your prints/scans to come back.
  5. Its EXPENSIVE! That is all.

Anyways, this whole shoot was super fun. Darren and Steph are a hoot – Darren is non stop entertainment which was awesome because Stephanie’s smile is radiant.  Lots of love and fun captured!

They were joined by Lou – their 3-legged beagle, who was completely charming, with fantastic taste in beer.

Enough blabbing – here’s some engagement photos.




Lou has great taste in beer!

Muskoka_Photographer_0005 Muskoka_Photographer_0004

A little bubbly to really celebrate 🙂

Muskoka_Photographer_0006 Muskoka_Photographer_0007 Muskoka_Photographer_0008 Muskoka_Photographer_0009

Muskoka_Photographer_0010 Muskoka_Photographer_0011


Alex and I hit up Trillium on the way home <3

Amazing day all around!


Ill sign out with The Eagles, Live in 1977 – For Darren & his Dad.







If you’re looking for a Muskoka photographer, I am up for the adventure!

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