A Mulmur Wedding: Jess & Niall – June 24, 2017

Jessica and Niall tied the knot at Jessica’s family home in Mulmur Ontario.  I know what you’re going to say: ” Where the Fuq is Mulmur???!!”

Mulmur happens to be where I live so I get that question a lot! It’s a township in Dufferin County, and some small towns like Mansfield (my town) had their name changed to “Mulmur”, blanketting us all into one “town”.  Either way – Mulmur is beautiful. We have some of the most incredible views, scenic rolling hills, ski ways, adventurous hiking trails and forests and rich farm land I’ve ever seen.

Jess’s parents back yard was no exception.  A custom built log home, tucked into dense mixed bush, with beautiful gardens and manicured lawns made the perfect foundation for a romantic, personal wedding.  The personal touches, details and hard work was displayed through out the entire property.

Jess wore a champagne lace gown, and sparkly shoes, and chose white peonies with hints of pink for her bouquet.  Her hair was swept up into a romantic updo at the nape of her neck, with s few springs of baby’s breath tucked in.  Her girls (all 6 of them) wore sage green dresses in different styles, and carried peonies as well.

Niall and his guys wore light grey suits from TipTopTailors, and light pink ties and pocket squares.  They accessorized with really cool wood watches and Toronto Maple Leaf cuff links!

The ceremony was beautiful and I thought Niall was going to cry – not gonna lie, I had to fan my own eyes to keep them dry.  There was tons of laughter and no shortage of emotion coming from Jess, Niall and their friends and family.

During the portrait time, I got to witness the charisma between Jess, Niall and their families – It was so obvious how great everyone gets along, and how solid the relationships are between the 2 families.  I love family portrait time, knowing that these photos will be the ones that are cherished the most as time goes on.

The bridal party as a whole, including Jess and Niall was I think my largest group to date of 16 people, and they were a riot.  Zoe and Hunter (flower girl and ring bearer) didn’t stick around for our bridal party portrait time, but the grown ups hung out and we did some fun, creative shots before we sent them to the bar, and we had Jess & Niall alone for their session.  We had a little less time than usual due to some delays in the day; but honestly, it doesn’t matter.  They acknowledged that they don’t need tons of photos, so instead we gave them some time to be alone and breathe; had some intimate (and some fun) portraits just being themselves right on the property, and then had them join their party.

After announcing the bridal party, Jess & Niall made their way in to the tent, all aglow with string lights, and danced to one of my favourite songs “Harvest Moon”, by Neil Young (again, I had to fan my eyes). They looked so beautiful, and seeing their friends and family glow with pride as they watched from the side, was heartwarming.

Speeches were presented over a fabulous dinner served by Gourmindisimo’. These speeches were so heartfelt and funny as hell LOL! Again, you could see the history between everyone in attendance.

The dance floor kicked off and filled up right away after the father-daughter/ Mother-son dances. I love seeing people have such a good time, and the music by Jamie at Soundquest sure had them shaking it!

Before I slipped away for the night, I stole the newlyweds away for a few mins for some creative night shots.

Here are some of their highlights.


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mulmur-wedding_0012mulmur-wedding_0016 mulmur-wedding_0015 mulmur-wedding_0014 mulmur-wedding_0013

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hanover-wedding-photographer_0003 hanover-wedding-photographer_0002

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tent-wedding-photos_0004 tent-wedding-photos_0005 tent-wedding-photos_0006 tent-wedding-photos_0007 tent-wedding-photos_0008 tent-wedding-photos_0009 candid-documentary-photography_0003 candid-documentary-photography_0002

candid-documentary-photography_0007 candid-documentary-photography_0006 candid-documentary-photography_0005 candid-documentary-photography_0004 candid-documentary-photography_0001 candid-documentary-photography_0000 tent-wedding-photos_0009


Congrats again you guys, I had a blast and thank you so much for having me document your day.


PS – dont you think Niall looks a little like “Superman”?!

The Wedding Pro Team

Jess’s Gown – Helens Bridal

Niall and the Guys – Tip Top Tailors

Bridesmaids – Best for Bride

Hair – Victoria Lesperance

Makeup – Mellisa Ortins

Engagement Ring – Ben Moss

Wedding Bands – Michael Hill

Cake – Jess’s Friend Katie Pistor

Florals – Shakle Greenhouse

Catering – Gourmandissimo


If you are reading this post looking for some Mulmur Wedding Inspiration and like what you see, contact me for more info.


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