Family Photography, Day Two!

As mentioned in part 1 of this 7 day series, I am breaking down the photography services I am currently offering and why they are important to me. Read Part One Here.

Day two is family photography!

I feel very called to spend more time with families; mostly because we’ve all had so much time away from our loved ones the importance of family is front and center.


I haven’t seen my own mother or adult children, and new grandson since the New Year, so it’s only natural that I feel very empathetic towards families who have been apart.

Some areas are seeing a second wave coming in, forcing us back into our corners, back into isolation; but here in Grey Bruce were in good shape, and I hope we stay that way, because I’d love to see families come together, maybe even for the first time, in front of my lens. 


stylish leather jackets can still be worn in the winter

Im blessed to live in an area where no matter what the season, its just drop dead gorgeous. (Stay tuned for my Family Photography by the Season guide).  Fall photos are by far the most popular, but summer is just special isnt it?  I love getting families to the beach in Kincardine, Port Elgin and Sauble, to really let their hair down and connect naturally, while I document (from at least 6′ of course).

Sauble Beach Family Photographer

Family Photography is About Connection Time

This is a truly special, and important time to reconnect with your loved ones.  Its a chance to truly see each other for who they are at their core, and also see ourselves.  I do believe that family photos, whether its posed portraits, or casual candid family photography, will be so much more significant; holding more meaning than ever before.   

I’ll add that if its at all possible for children to have photos with their grandparents, these  photos will always be timeless and hold such personal value.

And for you, the Mom or Dad, to get a few photos with each other, not only is a great way to connect, but for your KIDS to see you take the time out for each other communicates a deeper message about what family is. 

Having beautiful photos is about documenting history, and preserving a legacy.


Fun Sauble Beach Family Photos-131

As I hope you can tell, Im very passionate about bringing families together, and so I have a super special family photography offer through my Gift With Heart 365 project that launches July 15. (Sign up for my email for more on this as I approach the launch date.)

Have you ever had someone ahead of you buy your coffee at Tim Horton’s?  If you havent experienced this before, let me tell you what its like.

First of all its always unexpected, unlike (the very  lovely)  flowers you got on Mother’s day; and you find yourself in a state of pure joy and gratitude that swells in your heart. You might even tear up a little.  And that’s over a coffee! LOL! 

Welllll, you have the opportunity to be that guy,  and essentially pay it forward, in my first every BOGO event.

With your purchase of a full family session, you will receive a gift voucher to give to another family. You too can play a role in bringing families together!  No one will see it comin’!

This is a limited time offer, for summer sessions only. All sessions must be booked before August 31, and because I am giving myself lots of time to connect with my own family, there will be just 10 dates available.  For more details send me an email!

Grey Highlands Family Photography


VERRRRY soon I will be sharing about a secret new passion of mine – FILMING FAMILIES! I’ve been filming my buns off, and im the process of editing my first client films, and would love to make one for you! Until then, you can check out this one. 



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