Shelburne Photographer – Muddy Puddles

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby… feel a littke frisky!” Luke Bryan


Today Im thankful for the RAIN!!!! This has been one of the driest summers I can remember! I cant recall the last time we cut the lawn (June maybe?), and its the same for my neigbours.

When the rain came we all got a little excited… being farmers by affiliation, we largely rely on regular precipitation. This year wasn’t our finest for hay; and our neighbours with corn, soy, potatoes… all had the same worries.

So when it rains we all rejoice a little.

I had this weekend off, my last one until October, and I’d be lying if I said I wasnt thinking about my wedding photographer friends.  I would also be lying if I said I wasnt jealous of their opportunities to take some super dramatic wedding photos, but I get that its a litte more stressful, and brides dont usually share our excitement for a rainy day…

My boys on the other hand LOVED it!  I loved watching them be so:

a) oblivious to it! 


b) Completely into it! Jump right in like Ollie does in this ridiculously cute video 😉


Get out there and do a rain dance for us!!

I’ll leave you with Luke Bryan 😉


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