Today I am grateful for my photographer friends.

Today’s Mimosa Monday I am grateful for my photographer friends. While I cannot list all of them in this post, I want to celebrate how lucky am I to have found such great, meaningful relationships over the years.

This past week, and over the weekend too, I got together with just a handful of these fine photographers; a couple of them multiple times, because of a super fun shoot we did on Sunday!

Each time I get together with my photographer friends, I learn something from them.  We share our struggles and our triumphs, realizing that we are not alone in this massive, high pressure industry.  We’re here to help eachother, with no secrets, no ulterior motives, in the spirit of Community Over Competition – and its SO very refreshing.  It’s not just a network, it’s a community – and it’s awesome.

Alexandria came over and I gave her beer which she did not like lol, and we talked pricing and contracts, and she shared her new business cards with me!  Saturday night we picked up the goodies from Country Lane Vintage Rentals for the shoot on Sunday.

Bobbi Jo and I hung out on Saturday morning while her son played baseball in my little town. It was about a billion degrees, we hid out in the shade for a bit keeping our babies cool, and talked print collections and #momlife stuff; as we often do with Kristin over messenger.  Those 2 keep me sane many days of the week.

Mark and I go way back, shooting our first big wedding together back in 2o11. It was so great shooting with him again on Sunday as part of the Rising Tide Society Styled Shoot Challenge.

I met Hyla for the first time this past week also.  It was so great talking to her about our business goals, the challenges of running a studio, and being an entrepreneur and Mom, while our kids played on the grass in my back yard.  Lucky for TuesdaysTogether Barrie, Hyla was able to join us Sunday also!


Im so fortunate to know these people.  Every one of them embraces community over competition whole heartedly.

Thank you for your friendships.

Follow my photographer friends – they have great feeds; and stay tuned for our Styled Shoot Challenge Album post!

Hyla @hylaphotog

Alexandria @alexxfergyy

Mark Evers Photography 

Bobbi Jo @lovebeephotography

Kristin @kristinpeereboomphotography

And for fun, I’ll leave you with this anthem about friends by Joe Cocker from Woodstock to sing along to on this fine Monday 🙂

Contact me if you have any questions about the RTS, TuesdaysTogether, or you are interested in doing a styled shoot with my photographer friends 🙂