Cottage Life – Parry Sound Photographer

This weekend I was so lucky to have gotten away from it all, to enjoy my family before another haul of weddings and engagments, while summer is still at its peak.

I didn’t pull my camera out much; because I really wanted to be present, and be a part of all the action; but I also wanted to use my camera for personal use again.  Something being a professional photographer we can fall into this system of only using our gear to serve other people, instead of capturing the people and places that sparked our passion to begin with!

My sister in law Casey, Tyler & I swam with the little ones, took them for a trip around the lake in the paddle boat, sipped some coolers on the dock and dived into some good reads (Im reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, so inspiring!).

Adam took Keith fishing for the first time – I wish I could have caught that moment but they snuck off before I had a chance to grab my camera 🙂

See here is a glimpse of Cottage Life by me, an occassion Parry Sound Photographer.



The boys gearing up to play near the water.


Tyler is such an awesome big brother.


Collecting water plants and trying to catch minnows 🙂


Running down the dock – we’re now calling Ollie our “Flight Risk” 😉


Getting ready for the corn roast! Adam is an expert of all things corn, and the boys are eager to learn and help.

Parry_Sound_PhotographerI love being a Parry Sound Photographer for a day – I seldom get a chance for enjoying nature photography!

Tyler, filling the cottage with folk-blues melodies.Parry_Sound_Photographer_0009

The lake <3Parry_Sound_Photographer_0010

When you’re done, you’re done. There’s no arguing.


I edited these ones a little differently than my usual style, because the mood was so much different for me. I loved watching them play in the rocks and not say a single word. Words are often overrated.


Thomas is an excellent fisher-guy.  Keith’s first time seeing a fish!!!


Aunt Casey had to keep the Flight Risk back LOL!rry_Sound_Photographer_0014 Parry_Sound_Photographer_0015

It was SUCH a great gettaway – thank you so much Casey & Glenn for having us up!



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