Men’s Branding Photos Hanover ON

As the last of the leaves were falling I had the privilege of  doing some mens branding photos right at my farm. For those that dont know me, my farm is just outside of Hanover ON, and I get the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. 

Joel Corriveau, a talented musician and song writer from Owen Sound Ontario wanted a series of images that were natural, warm, creative and inspiring. Images that would reflect himself as a person and also how he felt about his music.

To achieve this we decided sunrise would be amazing at this time of year (October is a civilized time to do sunrise sessions – for the love of God, please don’t request this in June lol) so we met at my house before the sun came up, and went over the plan for the hour. 

Sunrise (and sunset) has two sort of looks. One is blue hour, where the sun is just about to rise, the sky is a deeper indigo, with  tangerine at the horizon. Then it shifts as the sun rises, filling the horizon with a beautiful orange glow, and so our early start gave us both.  

Actaully at first we didnt think wed get much of a sunrise, as there were clouds low on the horizon, but Mother Nature did not disappiint!



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Sometimes a branding shoot is a starting point for your business; an empowering first step to becoming visible in your market. In this case Joel will be using the photos as a jumping off point for the entire aestetic of his brand identity. I’ll be linking Joels website and social media as he goes live with it, as well as the brand identity board Im creating for his as an added bonus.

Regardless of your vision, I love the process of bringing it come to life. 

Whether you are looking for men’s branding photos outside in nature, or classic in studio headshots, contact me for more info!