In a time where we have so much access to information across many different platforms, many people struggle to make decisions for themselves.

Meditation can help us learn to cut through the noise and become aware of what is happening in our bodies and we can begin to access our true power, and our intuition.

In the video below I guide you through the first meditation I ever learned. It had such a profound impact on my personal growth over the last couple of years, and Im happy to share it with you now.

On a slightly different note – this is not a professional video. Its a side recording from the instagram live that I did to launch the 40 day practice  that you have signed up to join me on. Its a perfect example of how done is better than perfect when it comes to showing up in this world.

The same goes for your practice.  It wont be perfect.  You may miss a day. Or 2.  You need to decide for yourself what level of grace you can give yourself.

A 40 day practice is a mix of discipline and grace. Congrats on taking this challenge for yourself!  You are demonstrating such great self love!


Shanti Kirtan Kaur (Jen Hibberd)