Mary Ann & Anthony – Newmarket Wedding


Mary Ann and Anthony’s Newmarket Wedding was the last wedding on my books for 2019, and we went out with a bang.

I mean, its not everyday that I get to document a wedding that has me leaving with my cheeks hurting, from the permasmile that was plastered on my face!

The prep was all at The Kingsbridge Center – a hotel, conference and retreat center in King City.  It was a gorgeous venue, and highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for something in the Newmarket area, that has both interesting architecture and nature elements.

Kingsbridge Center


Kingsbridge Center Newmarket Wedding Photographer

During the meaningful ceremony at their church, Mary Ann, Anthony and their friends and family allowed their emotions to flow.



Their massive bridal party was a total riot, we had so much fun in the short time we were doing portraits as a group.  I already knew Mary Ann’s sister – she is a phenomenal wedding planner, which is how Mary Ann and I connected.

I loved hearing how everyone else knew each other and getting to know them a bit as well.

The one thing that was pretty obvious was how much they liked to party!

Posing big wedding parties

Pretty amazing looking group amiright?

At portrait time Mary Ann & Anthony were comfortable, relaxed and playful. We had a great time cruising the golf course (warning – Im not the best cart driver there is – we mighta gone the wrong way once or twice haha! #notagolfer)

As the sun went down and we slipped away for some golden hour and sunset shots, the most beautiful moments. For anyone still planning their weddings; please make time for this – if there is s sunset (God willing) I will always encourage you two to sneak away. Its a great way to have a moment alone, and unwind a bit from all the excitement of the day.

Romantic Sunset Photo at Cardinal Golf Club Wedding

The smiles and laughter amplified during the reception at Redcrest; in fact normally when Im working on a slideshow I focus on the couple, and keep the highlights within one song, but family and friends were such an important part of  this wedding, and the energy (side note – it was full moon too!) in the room was so incredible that I had to add a party segment. Again – these people know how to party!

Sparkler Exit photos

Enough chit chat – lets check out more of Mary Ann and Anthony’s super freaking fun Newmarket Wedding in the slideshow I made up I think it tells the story better than I can with a few words.


Thanks Mary Ann & Anthony for such a fun time, I truly felt like one of the family







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