Love Letter To My Boys (the little ones).

I’ve always thought about writing letters to you, and things always seems to get in the way.


It is my goal that you never feel that I always had too much to do – I want you to remember me as playful, and fun, (well, not always, I know I can be a fun-wrecker at times… all for good cause I promise!).

It’s been a busy time. Taking the few minutes to write this while you’re snug in your beds is actually bringing tears to my eyes becuase Im hoping Im doing enough to balance life, and work and home and am I putting you first?  You’re the reason Im doing any of this.  ALL of this started because of you.  I chose a career in photography over the desk job that kept me away from you for 10 hours everyday.  That job, while I didnt have to work NEAR as hard as I do now, made me miss so much and I was so tired that by the time I picked you up from day care, that getting through dinner, and baths just to kiss you goodnight a very short time later… sucked. I missed so much.

So while Im caught in the hustle right now, I am so grateful that I can pull you up onto my lap at any time in the day, hold you, rock you, tickle you, make big messes with you. I’m the luckiest mom on earth to have you.


2015-12-05_0006 2015-12-05_0002


Love Mama.


This Love Letter to My Children project was initiated by Bobbijo Stuart of Lovebee Photography. Its a blog circle, in which i will tag  Please read her letter too 🙂