Once upon a time there was a small town girl (me), and a quiet farm boy (Adam).

When we met it wasn’t by accident.  We had actually  known of one another our whole lives but despite numerous path crossings (is that a phrase?) we never really got to know each other until our adult lives.

We knew we were both home grown, really down to earth people making an honest living at hard work; and genuinely appreciating this great Country we live in.  We liked classic rock, and craft beer, and popcorn and movies at the old Circle Theatre, Alliston.  We liked visiting his parents on their farm; walking through hay fields and feeling the strong winds that Dufferin County is famous for.

When we decided to get married we really pined for a rustic wedding and to hold it on the farm was our dream; butttt, we knew it really wasn’t fair to try and host a full wedding and reception there, and although we could have done all the work, and had a barn wedding for the ceremony and got a big tent for the reception, we knew it was more than any of us was ready to tackle.  At that time there were no barn venues available for weddings, but we were delighted to have found the Gibson Centre in Alliston – an old Co-op building, restored from the ground up – beautiful stained glass, rustic stair cases, beautiful exposed beams and warm brick throughout all 3 floors. `

Now it seems that barn weddings are the new trend and I couldn’t say enough how happy that makes me since I LOVE BARN WEDDINGS!  The people that have barn weddings are OUR PEOPLE! Leather and lace and old barnwood,  a simple kind of rustic luxury. Or the dramatic backdrop of exposed bricks and timbers of historic old buildings, old chapels in the middle of nowhere…. these are my favourite types of venues and that will never change.  Sure I love a beautiful, shiny ballroom and the glitz and glam, but the airy outdoors, romantic history, and fields of wildflowers… they call me.


xo Jen