Megan and Mike – London Wedding Photographer

Friends and family, I’m so glad you’ve popped over to see {more than a few of} my favourite photos of Megan & Mike’s wedding day!

Putting the photos together is easy, I tend to show a lot in my sneak peeks – almost a mini album; but it’s the story of the day that brings it all home.

Megan and Mike have been together for 10 years. This day; their wedding day, is their 10th anniversary.

Megan got ready for the day with her girls and her bestie. Megan was cool as a cucumber, not one bit nervous.  She had her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Her something old & borrowed was indeed very special.  Megan borrowed her Grandmother’s ring from her mother, which Lindsay laced into the corset back of Megan’s dress.  I love when brides and grooms incorporate heirloom items into their day.  The added meaning always makes my heart sing.

Meanwhile, down the road, was Mike… and well let say that their plans to have a first look was exactly what he needed to ease his nerves.

They met on a friends gorgeous property, and as Mike turned to Megan, I witnessed nerves washing away and emotions brimming, as they beamed at each other.

They beamed all day and all night, surrounding by their amazing family and kind hearted friends.

Personal note: After Megan & Mike danced their first dance as husband and wife to Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande “Over & Over Again”, Megan & her Dad danced to My Wish which was the song I chose to dance to with my Grandpa at my wedding 6 years ago.  As if that wasn’t enough to tug at my heart strings, Mike chose “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd to dance with his mom. Being a mom to 5 boys, and a classic rock fanatic, this is by far one of my favourite songs and I literally had to choke down the lump in my throat and fan the tears away when Mike and his mom danced to it.

Megan & Mike,

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your incredibly special day.  After 10 years, the sparks are still flying; I can tell it will be that way for decades to come.

Here’s to your happily ever after,




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While Im not a full time London Wedding Photographer, Megan & Mike sure made the trip down exciting for me.

I loved being a part of their day, and I loved that they allowed me to get creative.

On that note – I’ll leave you all with Skynyrd.

If you are looking for a London wedding photographer, and think I would capture your day best, give me a shout by contacting me here.

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