Lifestyle Photography – For the Generations

I preach to my clients all the time about providing heirloom items to pass down through the generations, so I thought I’d share with you a quick story about an impromtu visit from my Grandpa.

When Grandpa visits, my mom and my Aunt come with, and we all have coffee and catch up.  Ive gotten used to just snapping with my cell phone but since purchasing the sigma 35 1.4 Art; I had the big girl camera at arms reach. Cell phone would have been fine, but… they’d still be on my phone.

So I culled a few, slapped a custom preset on them for fun and exported them to a folder on my computer called “Grandpa”.

In between “Farley House” (thats you Hannah, if you’re reading!).. (and yes, I havent even looked at them since the spring..), and Hibberd Wedding…

If I dont do something with these today, they’ll probably stay wedged there forever.

So to the printers they go, to make a simple 4×6 album…

These photos aren’t award winning; and while he may enjoy them, they’re not for my Grandpa; they’re for Pearson.  They’ll be his foundation of memories of his Grandad.