June 2nd Boudoir Photography Event

One Day Only Boudoir Event

One Day Only Boudoir Photography Event in Hanover ON

Spaces are still available to my newly announced boudoir photography event coming up on June 2nd.

I wasn’t going to do one of these until closer to Christmas but nicer weather inspires less clothes anyways so I decided to tuck one into my schedule before heading to Seattle.  Either way; it will be my only one in 2018!

Here are the details:

Boudoir Photography Event Pricing



This is a crazy fun experience, and these shorter sessions are the perfect boost in confidence.

You’ll walk out of here a little taller and I know you’ll have a huge smile on your face – before you even see your photos!


PS – although I gear my marketing toward women – this event is open to men too.  More and more men are wanting this experience too; alone or with their lover.  It’s pretty awesome. This one day only boudoir photography event is actually the perfect time to show the heat between you and your partner.


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Scroll to the very bottom to book your session spot before they’re gone!


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