This is a copy and paste.

Im spending a few minutes of “down time” before the holidays kick off in full storm, to update and clean up my web page, and in doing so Im taking down my 5 Random Things (about me) and tucking them into this blog post.

I freshen this portion of the About Me page up every month, so it just makes perfect sense to keep it in the old blog.

Without further a-do.  The Jennifer Hibberd Photography November Edition

A few (5) very random, personal things about me -November 2015

  • My love for tea has been reignited.  Coffee Culture’s London Fog Latte completes me, but when Im home in  my cozies, a cup of earl grey or peppermint sure soothes the soul.
  • Im a list maker.  As I write update this page on my website, Im surrounded in 4 actual hand written lists.  I have a white board with 2016 photography goals, a paper and pen list for my booth plans for my next wedding show, one for a fabulous new idea I have to reveal my clients wedding photos in my work book, and a (long) list of scentsy bars I need, written on a torn envelope. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • We got a new car! We got a Mazda 3, well, its Adam’s new car, but still seems so weird to look out and see a red car in my driveway! I love new car smell.
  • Im a risk taker.  And Im good at it.  I dont mean in the blow all my dough at Casino Rama kind of risk, but emotionally, I am very good at letting people see who I really am, and giving them my absosute all, my full trust and I find that its usually reciprocated – and that is why I have such amazing valuable relationships.  You have to risk your heart.
  • Winter. Is. Coming!  Im probably the only human being that is happy about this. I semi-hibernate.  I dont have to venture out much, or run the roads when its snowing like a Mo-Fo. But I like building snowmen, and I like snuggling on the couch in a warm blanket with the fire blazing in the woostove. I also get A LOT done with the business side of the passionate industry Ive chosen to work in 🙂