The Ring Fiasco – By Rob MacMillan

So I had planned to ask her in Punta Cana but I had to get the ball rolling with getting the ring. I happen to be seeing my mom in November 2013 and she helped my find the engagement ring from Brian Gavin diamonds out of Houston, Texas. Well I didn’t have the funds readily available but my mom just sold her house. So in December my mom transferred me the money, but I happen to be at my friend Kevins that day visiting and getting drunk. So on my way home I had the bright idea to accept the transfer in my drunken stooper. Problem was I transferred the money to the joint account and not my own…

So come the next morning Jamie was looking at the accounts and ask why was there a transfer of $2500 to the joint account, at that point I was like shit, how do I get out of this one?  So I believe i said “I transferred money out of my tfsa to the wrong account by accident”.  This was the start of her wondering what was going on, but never let on that she had a good idea. So next big event was trying to make sure the ring was delivered on time as it took 4 weeks to make and deliver. which means it was cutting it close to our trip. So I got the call from Fedex that my ring was in but I was in Montreal at the time and Fedex only holds the package for 7 days and I was supposed to go see my mom in Cancun right after my shift.  Luckily I had a reason to return home as I needed to print off the bus tickets for Cancun when I arrived. But I didn’t tell Jamie I was coming home. So I arrived in Barrie around noon and then took Jamie’s car to go pick up the ring and go home and print the bus tickets off. Well here is the second part that gave a big clue away. Jamie breaks for lunch around noon, and as she was walking down the stairs she didn’t see her car. So she proceeds to call me and ask if i have the car, well I said no at first as she wasn’t supposed to know I was home doing errands. Well we hang up and I knew she was going to freak and possibly call the cops. So she calls back saying she walked around the parking lot pressing her key fob trying to find the car. At this point I was caught because she was about to call the cops, and I don’t want that to happen. So I said “yes I have the car”, she then asked “why are you here?” I said “to pickup the tickets for the bus when I get to Cancun”.

So she believed that for about 5 minutes as she said there is no way to print it off at work, which to my defense there isn’t a way and websites are blocked.

So I have the ring and the tickets and now all panic has settled down until our trip. I forgot to add this part in – her mother sent a package in the mail and Jamie asked if she is allowed to check the mail! Because I wasn’t sure if they would put the ring in our mailbox, I phoned her mother asked “what are you doing sending a package when I am trying to plan this without her knowing” So that was clue 3.

I was also checking the weather in Punta Cana for the week we where there to see when was the best time to do this. It turned out that Sunday morning was the best time to do the sunrise nervous moment of life.

So we arrived and I had the ring in my carry-on bag and did’t want to leave it out of sight unless it was in the room. So clue 4 as Jamie wondered why I was acting so weird about the carry-on bag.

Moving on to Saturday night we got quite drunk but I told her I still wanted to see the sunrise and well we proceeded out to the beach and that is where I asked the question with no plan what so ever.

I had no idea what I was going to say all I wanted and knew was I wanted to marry this girl.

For Jamie’s side go here.


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