Intimate Wedding Photography is My Jam!

Weddings sure look different this year dont they?


Can I let you in on a little secret? I LOVE small weddings. I always have. In fact in the ten years Ive been in business, Ive probably shot as many small intimate weddings and elopements as I have full “traditional” weddings, because it’s truly what I love! 



Intimate Wedding Photography For 2020 and Beyond

will intimate wedding photography become a trend?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party, (especially a beach party, or one with tacos); but I genuinely value witnessing and documenting the relationships within a small group; and enjoy how relaxed everyone is, including the couple. I love that traditions can be honoured, and also thrown out the window – I celebrate all of it alongside my couples, and feel just as much a part of the day, which is such an honour.

What I hope is that people will see how special smaller group sizes are at wedding ceremonies and it will become more  mainstream.  (Fingers Crossed!)

I could write a whole blog post on why I love intimate weddings or why to have one (actually I did back in 2018, check out my Top 5 Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding), but today I just want to keep the focus on what has changed in my wedding offerings. 

Intimate Wedding Photography Jen HIbberd

Options for both Intimate & Full Day Weddings

I did a lot of soul searching this year, making the decision to commission weddings that are local, and or very small, in the next few years to come.  I have a wonderful associate (who is very lively, energetic, and currently has much fewer responsibilities than I do #momlife, #farmlife) looking after the full day, larger scale weddings, and can cover a larger area than I can generally.  She’s also a night owl, whereas at 9:30 I’m ready for bed lol, making Alex much more suitable to cover your late night sparkler exits or food truck excitement (mmmm… tacos).

Tobermory intimate wedding candid first look

Alex can cover the highway 400 corridor with ease. Based out of Barrie, she looks after full events and some intimate affairs located in Muskoka/Bracebridge Cottage Country, and south down to Toronto.  (Photo above by Alex)

My coverage area depends on the wedding. For shorter, intimate dates I’m more flexible to travel including nationwide, or international when that becomes available to us again; but for fuller weddings Im looking after a circle from Kinardine/Sauble/Owen Sound/Blue Mountain/Orangeville, and then as far south as Guelph, possibly Cambridge.


Artistic Trillium Resort Wedding Photography

We Got You Covered

Sometimes you need two shooters and get both of us, or one of us, plus one skilled second, generally a peer photographer who I fully trust.  For intimate weddings, two shooters are generally not required.


If your chosen venue is outside of our zones, don’t hesitate to reach out; I have tons of talented photographer friends I can refer.


Intimate wedding photographer Jen Hibberd

Weddings During Covid 19

As far as this year’s weddings and covid 19, safey is our #1 priority. We have policies to wear masks inside for any of the getting ready spaces, (further reading: should we do getting ready photos) and anywhere that masks are already required. We also have a no touch policy, meaning no opening doors, hand styling jewelry (unless single use, disposable gloves are being used), and we are taking precautions to make sure that we don’t set our gear down anywhere.


 All clients will be given the choice to have us wear a mask during outside portions, but something most clients agree isn’t required since I’m shooting from at least 6’away.


The logistics of this will be discussed openly at your pre wedding consultation 1-2 weeks before your big day.


Weddings are lighthearted and joyful, and it is my goal to ensure that we bring our best selves to a wedding, so nothing has changed in that way – all we want is for you to be happy and comfortable, so if wearing a mask achieves that, then so be it.


For more information on our weddings, contact me anytime, and you might want to check out Melissa & Kurt’s Intimate wedding photography blog from last summer.

Contact me using THIS LINK, and if for some reason you dont hear back, just message me on facebook.  My CRM updated how my contact form works with wordpress, so fingers crossed everything works still lol or better yet, if you’re keen to get started, you can schedule a meeting with me! 






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