Intimate Wedding In Horning’s Mills – Melissa & Kurt


Melissa & Kurt planned their intimate wedding in Horning’s Mills, where they live – which made for a super relaxed day for every one involved.

They were upfront in the beginning that they weren’t interested in styled details, such as photos of the rings or shoes on their own, but instead opted to allow me to showcase their wedding details with them in it! This is my preferred approach – details with a heart beat.¬† I did however do a couple quick shots of Melissa’s gown hanging in the window of her old bedroom, since I felt that added much more meaning.

There were actually so many thoughtful and sentimental details, making it truly special. Melissa had her mother’s parasol – that she had at her own wedding some 40 years before, and Kurt had an embroidered pocket square and black and white photo tucked into his inside jacket pocket to honour his loved ones that have passed.

Moments area always more important than the details or location, and because Kurt and Melissa feel the same way, they were at ease, relaxed and more focused on their time with their guests and each other.¬†Melissa and Kurt’s wedding was overflowing with love from their family and friends, making for such a beautiful celebration.

Last thing I’ll say before I sign off and let you at this slideshow of Kurt and Melissa’s Intimate Wedding In Horning’s Mills was that Melissa’s smile was radiant and contagious.¬† Kindness, warmth and genuine happiness radiated from her, and as you’ll see in a second – and the way Kurt looked at Melissa all day, it was so obvious that he was head over heels in love with this woman.

Gave me all the feels.

Melissa & Kurt, it was such an honour.

Below are a few of my favourite moments.