Your Questions Answered: How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Photos Back?


Welcome to the my latest blog series: “Your Questions Answered”.


I am writing to expand on the top questions I am asked by clients, and that I asked once upon a time too! In fact these questions are probably the top asked questions to all photographers.

In this article I will expand on how long it takes to get wedding photos back, but if you have some pressing questions right now, chances are Ive answered them on my FAQ page, but always know you can contact me at any time with any question. (And you KNOW there are no dumb questions – just so we’re on the same page).

“The optimum goal here is to “get it right in camera” so that when I get to editing its just a matter of putting together the best gallery I can for you.  Mostly the time it takes from start to finish depends on the length of coverage you chose, as well as the season you got married in.  

 In any event, I like to ensure that you have your images within six weeks, but please understand if it takes closer to 8.

I promise it will be worth the wait!”

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Lets dig deeper.


The reasons why it might be easier for us to get it right in camera include:


Great lighting conditions, that allow us to shoot nice, clean, well exposed images that will be quick to process for colour and white balance.  Doing our best to adjust the white balance as we go saves time as well, but sometimes mixed lighting conditions such as overhead lighting and natural window light mix, and create a challenge for us.  I hope this isnt too techy, the important take away here is that I want your skin to look nice, and your dress to be the colour that it is.

Don’t stress if you are getting ready or getting married inside, we will always produce beautiful images, regardless of editing challenges.

Generally outdoor ceremonies are the fastest for me to process, especially those that take place all in the same location.

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Nailing Family Photos is another thing worth mentioning. When Im doing family photos, I try my best to keep everybody’s eyes on me but that doesnt always work out. In general, weddings are social and guests and family members are excited to see each other and chat so eyes tend to wander, and mouths tend to talk lol! Have you ever had the mouth open photo of youself? Nuff said!

While I try not to photo shop one set of eyes onto another, and reserve these kinds of edits for the album or prints, it does take me longer to cull and choose the best possible frames – ones that we can eventually combine into one good image.

I try my BEST to avoid awkward expressions and ensure all eyes are open, so that you will have happy family photos right out of the gate.  Its the same with posing too. I take my time to get a connected, natural pose that wont leave us wishing we had have moved Uncle Jim just slightly to the left.

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The reasons why length of coverage might influence the time it takes to get wedding photos back:

If you are having a 3 hour elopement, your photos aren’t going to take me much longer that an engagement session to get back to you.

Half day coverage will be more time than that, but not near as much as full day coverage, which can sometimes go as long as 12 hours.

It makes sense that a 12 hr wedding would take nearly twice as long as a 6 hour one (but it actually isnt 2x as long, dont worry).

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The reasons why SEASON might influence how long it takes to get wedding photos back:


Every year is different, but if I had to hazard a guess, Id say fall in Ontario is by far my busiest season.

Summer is a close second.

Spring would come in 3rd, with winter falling dead last (not that I see why! Winter Weddings are beautiful, but anyways…)

So if you get married in February, chances are I can edit your wedding, and have it back to you in 3-4 weeks time, whereas a September wedding (which I have one Saturday opening for BTW) might take up to 8 weeks.

It’s always my goal to get things to you faster, but Id rather spend the time to ensure its the best job I can do, instead of rushing through to meet a quoted deadline.


Other Things To Know About:


I have a timeline based que for both events and portraits.  Someone who has their engagement session June 19th might receive their photos in 2 weeks, whereas someone who gets married the day after on June 20th might wait 5 wks. So while the engagement session will be faster to get out, the June 20th bride will get her photos before the couple who gets married June 27th. Does that make sense? It’s first come first serve for the specific type of work we do.

Boudoir, Engagement, Families etc are all considered portraits. Birth and Weddings are events.




Delivery of your wedding images is important to me, as is the collection of chosen images.  How you view those images the first time around is probably the single most critical moment – and as a photographer, this is when you view my art! (Dont mind me, Im over here, biting my nails, waiting for you to let me know you love them!) I used to keep this a surprise, but to ensure that this first viewing experience is personal and special – all couples are gifted a photo slideshow of my favourite images, set to music so that you are guided through your story as it unfolded, instead of click, next. Click, next.  Preparing this mp4 is an important part to me, but it adds a bit of time too.


How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Photos Back


I hope this answered all your deeper questions on how long it can take to get your wedding photos back.  If I missed something, be sure to let me know!

Next up in this blog series will be my editing style and approach, and which images get chosen for the final gallery. Stay tuned, but for now check out my post on why you may or may not need getting ready coverage.

XO, Jen