Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important steps you will take in your planning process.

Regardless of how big or small your wedding will be, many of the questions that couples ask me early on in the booking process are the same.  This drop down guide is meant to help answer the questions you may have before we meet – so we can spend our meeting time talking about the other things that matter.  Here are some of my most frequently asked questions from past clients.

Do you get up close during the ceremony?

It is my goal that you and your guests don’t really know I’m there, or at least do not feel as though I’m intruding.  I pull this off by using longer lenses which allow me to stay back a bit, and by executing stealth mode when I want to sneak in for a close up wide shot 😉 

Do we get the digital files?

My wedding collections do include a gallery of high-resolution files, plus the web resolution images for posting to social media. Fully a la carte options are available, which means that my time and talent to shoot your wedding or session are one price, and any digital files or product is purchased separately.  This is a great option for people who are on a tighter budget, because its a lower up initial investment, and spreads out the overall costs.  Definitely inquire about this approach if you also don’t see yourself printing a ton of your own photos.

How many images will we get?

Depends on the wedding. I know that’s a vague answer, but basically I will always give your story as it unfolded, and select quality over quantity. Your entire gallery, regardless of the package chosen will be curated to highlight your story to strengthen the message and make you feel all the feels 🙂

But expect 400-800 images… 

How are the images edited? Do you retouch images?

You know by now from browsing my galleries and blog posts that my editing style is warm and rich, artistic, yet very timeless so that you will be proud to display them for many years to come. Once your images are sorted, they are processed for colour, exposure, brightness, clarity etc in Lightroom. In regards to retouching (removing fine lines or skin discolouration, “liquefying” ie) making people skinnier, giving you a wicked tan, or removing large objects are examples or extensive retouching).   

Of course, I will pull special images into photoshop for prints, an album or art piece at no extra charge.

Do you edit in black and white as well as colour?

I’m a lot obsessed with black and white, but sometimes colour just tells the story better. I recognize that most couples tend to prefer colour, so the final gallery tends to be more colour than b&w.  

BUT – It’s really important to add that when I do edit an image or series in black and white, its because I really feel that is how it is strongest and appreciate that my clients respect my editing decisions, because you are all the best that way 🙂

Where and when should we do our engagement session?

This is entirely up to you! An engagement session is a way for us to have some fun and get to know one another and help you get comfortable in front of the camera.

I’m always open to ideas for where and when we hold the shoot, but whatever we decide it’s best if it reflects your style and love for each other.  I can plan out the whole thing if you are open to ideas.

We want good light, and my favourite time of day to shoot is “Golden Hour” just before sunset, but I’ll shoot day or night!

This being said, if you would like to make an album or book of your images its best to book it several months in advance.

Who will be shooting my wedding? I read that you have associates?

So this is where Im really excited to say that I am really grateful that I get to employ 2 very amazing women as both associate level photographers or assistant photographers.

If I myself am available, which I would confirm right away at booking time if I am; than you would have me and an assistant photographer.

If I am unavailable, than you will be given the option to hire one of my associates.  She would shoot any engagement sessions, attend any pre-wedding planning meetings or video calls, and then of course document your day.  My role will be to edit the photos, and design any albums or create any art pieces with you.

How long do we wait for our wedding pictures?

The optimum goal here is to “get it right in camera” so that when I get to editing its just a matter of putting together the best gallery I can for you.  Mostly the time it takes from start to finish depends on the length of coverage you chose, as well as the season you got married in.  

 In any event, I like to ensure that you have your images within six weeks, but please understand if it takes closer to 8.

I promise it will be worth the wait!

How much does your photography cost?

Local Elopements from $950

Wedding Collections from $2700

Inquire for more details or for current pricing on portrait pricing.

Ok, we want to book you – what next?

Well that part is easy! I aim to schedule an in person meeting for local clients, or a video call for those who are further away.  We get to know each other a bit more and when you’re ready to seal the deal, then I’ll send over an electronic contract that you can sign digitally; and you can send over the 30% retainer fee.

Portrait sessions are a 50% retainer to hold a date.

And then that’s it! I’ll stay in touch after that, and if you have any planning you need help with, or need some vendor referrals I can help with that too.


I hope these answers help you with hiring a wedding photographer.

If there is something more specific you wish to know, contact me, I would love to learn more how I can make your day as fabulous as possible.

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