Welp. Happy Valentines Day, or Galentine’s Day – Depending on your situation!


Do you do the Valentines Day thing? My hubby and I dont really do much, never really have, but I still like it – despite its commercial nature.

I kinda like the day after better though when all the treats go on sale LOL!

This year Im solo. Adam is in Lexington this year, so its just the 3 boys and I.  They made me some cute cards (which was so nice – I dont get much of that usually, being a homeschool family).

The highlight of their day, and mine however was our chocolate cupcake baking spree.

There was a lot of working out who was doing what, and they did great with the sharing for the most part.  I even backed off to let them crack the eggs, which the 3rd egg dropped right into Keith’s lap, and upon further inspection, there were quite a few shells in the eggs that did make it into the bowl that we had to start over with eggs. Luckily I had the foresight to give them a bowl to crack them into – instead of right into the mixer.

Here’s there fun:


Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0001

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0003

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0005

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0007

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0008

The eggs started out ok – but you can see below where Keith wore it lol

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0009

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0010

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0011

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0012

Day of the dead cupcake liners, because, well – its how we roll.

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0013

Despite many attempts to discourage them from eating raw cake batter….

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0017

Baby P wanted to help fill the cupcake liners, but by then my OCD had kicked in and I had to take over. I tried.

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0019

Then I started to win him back, with the promise of cupcakes 🙂

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0020

It worked 🙂

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0021

I have zero evidence of these cupcakes turning out, but I assure you they did – and you can bet that they had sprinkles 🙂


I think we’ll need to make another batch for our Family Day Party this weekend too.


Happy Valentines Day friends!






If you want to come over for some lifestyle childrens photos – send me a message!