Ah a fresh start, the New Year! Are you the resolution making type?

I kinda am; but not in the “I’m going to go to the gym every day” or “quit smoking”, which is beyond fantastic if that’s what’s on your agenda; (and btw… been there, done that,… so high 5 if youre tackling some HUGE changes!), but for me its all about goals. Small, and large; but OBTAINABLE goals.

I get pretty deep about it – I journal, write action plans, find out what my challenges are with obtaining my goals and then come up with ways to overcome each hurdle. Im fair and honest with myself, because by being real, we really do have a better chance of meeting our goals. And if we don’t manage to knock each one out of the park; THAT’S OK TOO!!! I bet we’ll have learned something from it regardless of outcome.


Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.

TIPS for Goal Setting and Acheiving:
  • Be reasonable and fair
  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Write them down
  • How will you benefit from these goals? How will they serve you personally or professionally?
  • Revisit them – do they still make sense? If not, what’s changed? Don’t feel like this stuff is written in stone – we create our own paths.
  • Share.  It’s no secret that accountability is a huge factor in success stories.  Share your plans with someone that will support your vision.
  • Celebrate! By George, no matter how big or small that goal was, you best be buying yourself a latte or do a Happy Dance because you deserve it!


My goals for 2016 are pretty simple. I actually have one word that summarizes my goals.


It actually started last year… I found myself more and more involved with my local community, as well as some creative online communities. I was introduced to some fantastic photographers, that inspired me and motivated me both creatively and personally.  They helped me so vastly that I cannot thank them enough. On the flip side, I participated in some fundraisers where I was touched by cancer survivors.  I held a food drive for the local food bank to give back to the people living close to me, who needed an extra hand in difficult times.  All this brought me more happiness than booking “x” number of weddings or meeting a certain profit margin goal.  It enriched my life.

I hope that by being present in my communities that I can help and inspire others.  That’s my number one goal.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this video that pretty much sums up my inspiration.  Well worth watching <3  Click HERE to watch. (You may need to be logged into Facebook before doing so.)

Prepare to be inspired.  Go out and inspire.


xo Jen