Yesterday at our home in Mulmur Ontario….

This is my sons usual attire right now. Bare assed, and were lucky if we see shoes on his feet. He insisted on going to play in the rain, and deemed it completely necessary to wear boots and keep an umbrella handy.
This was shot through my patio door, he had no idea it was happening, although when he DID see me with the camera, he was happy to pose lol! I’ll save those shots for his future wife haha!!!

Today is national camera day by the way! We are planning a nature walk, now that the weather is a little warmer and sunnier, and we’re going to do a personal one lens – 15 min photo challenge somewhere here in our area. If you have never been, Mulmur Ontario boasts stunning hill top views, world class fishing, charming villages, and incredible people.

So proud to call it home!

I’ll update this post with our 15 min photo challenge asap!