Photography Event Beauty of Wisdom

The beauty of wisdom photography event mission

To photograph 40 women over 40 years old to show them and the world how gorgeous the are.

To hear their stories, and create discussions around beauty and wisdom that will change the way we see wise women.

To encourage women to celebrate where they are at, and exist in pictures – for themselves, as much as for loved ones.

To gather and celebrate each other, and the project together at a live art show.


challenging the status quo

 We women, aged 40 plus, are not represented very well in our media.  It sends a message that were not beautiful enough or worthy enough but yet WE ARE! I got more compliments on images of me at 45 than any others of myself, including my wedding day photos when I was in my early 30’s.

Sure, there are gorgeous mature women in media, but often they are actresses, models or body builders (remember the 50 something woman and her bowflex body?)

Together through this photography event, we can show that every day women are beautiful at all ages. and celebrate who we are.

We’ve SERVED. We have served again and again, our careers, our children, our spouses, and we don’t often take time to celebrate ourselves. When is the last time you did something to allow your self to play, and simply to have fun!? Can I get an amen?


Hanover Ontario Photography Experience

artist’s statement

Jen Hibberd Beauty of Wisdom 40 over 40 photography  evebt

For those who don’t know me, my name is Jen, and I am a mother, farmer and award winning photographer who does my best to walk the walk.

Over the last few years, as a part of my self discovery journey; I’ve made a point to put myself in front of the camera. Being on the road a lot, it started with environment self portraits; standing in front of snow capped mountains, or chilling at Big Sur. I was merely a spec on the scene, and almost never looked at the camera. 

Then I got closer, and closer, and began to see myself.

At first I hated it. I picked myself apart, focusing on all my “flaws”. 

But then, something so liberating and magical happened.

The more I saw myself, I began to see beyond the wrinkes and strands of silver, and even accept them. 

I even began to love them.

I want this for you too.

I have never been more connected and passionate about my work, and elevating other women through this experience.


The Photoshoot & Process

 The process starts with a 15 minute Discovery Call or meeting at the studio, where I collect more information and get a feel for your “why”, browse tangible products, and if you are ready to book, we get your date on the calendar.

Then the fun begins! There will be a 45min-1 hour Intention and Styling Consultation. This can be done via zoom, or in person at the studio if so desired. In this meeting we nail down 4-5 looks to emulate the vibe that supports your intention for your photoshoot.

A few days leading up to the session you will be invited to the studio for a try on session. You may bring your 4-5 outfits, or pull from the client closet to create looks that light you up. This is entirely optional but does help streamline the day of planning. You will leave the outfits with me and I will coordinate them into sets, pairing them with a backdrop and any other styling we have discussed.

I will also send a Photoshoot Prep Guide a few days before that covers the planning details you may have questions about.

The morning of your shoot you will arrive at the studio with your 4-5 outfits and while you are in hair and makeup I’ll style your sets (unless you came for a try on session, then I have your sets all planned in advance). Enjoy this opportunity to be pampered!

During the photoshoot itself, I will guide you every step of the way. You do not need to know how to  pose, or what expressions to give; leave that to me.

Remember, I have numerous years photographing women.

Each set takes approximately 20 mins where we move through a variety of poses.

Expect to be at the studio for about 3 hours, between hair and makeup and the session itself!


Beautiful wise women portraits

the wisdom of beauty photography investment

Complimentary Discovery Consultation to plan your session right down to wardrobe, colours and textures and vibe.

Professionally applied makeup and hair styling

a fashion inspired, fully guided photoshoot with multiple outfits, and access to the client closet

Private reveal and ordering session and $350 credit toward collections*

one 11×14 image and matching digital file

2 tickets the live event (tba)

Complimentary copy of The Beauty of Wisdom magazine (2022)


*limited time offer

Calling Wise Women Forward

Joanne, aged 68 messaged me right away.

During our Discovery Call she busted my heart open. She spoke of confidence, of purpose; and of legacy.

Julie, aged 41 is reconnecting to “that part of her”

Like many women, between the pandemic, and having a career and family; Julie had fogotten what it was like to dress up and put makeup on and do something for fun, for herself!


Despite nearly 30 years age difference, I could relate to both these women, and identified with their intensions for stepping forward to do a session for themselves.

Join us in experiencing what it is to reconnect to ourselves, and elevate other women as we continue on our personal growth journies.

I want you to have beautiful portraits to pass along to your loved ones, because some day they will come looking for your photograph; what will they find?

Join the movement #beautyofwisdom2021


“68 and sensational”

“I have no words… Im literally speechless. I feel really beautiful. Thank you so much Jennifer. Thank you”

Joanne – 68

“fashion model”

“I feel like a fashion model! This was like being in a magazine shoot. I felt so incredible, and confident, and it was FUN! I reconnected with a part of myslef I’d forgotton about, or even shamed myself about. Not anymore! ”


Julie – 41


featured in

Featured on Georgian Bay Bride
Published in Goodlife magazine
Featured in Ladies Behind The Lens
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studio location

Our studio is located on the second floor at 427 10th Hanover Ontario, Suite 2

If you have accessibility concerns, please inform Jen, and we will arrange an alternative location for you.


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