Hanover Ontario Photographer – Documenting My Own Family at Allan Park.

I took half a week off to celebrate my step daughter getting married and have some family time, before Adam jets off to Lexington again.  In previous years Ive always been nervous that a few days off in October will mean that I will get behind in my work.

Let it be known that throughout this most challenging year; that I believe I may have mastered work life balance! Ok, not Mastered; but I’ve been rocking it.

BALANCE was one of my 2017 Words. Along with INTENTION.  To me intention means slowing down and finding the purpose behind what Im compelled to do (or shoot). Breaking my foot sure made sure to launch that plan into action.

Anyways; it’s fall – and the conversation among wedding professionals is “How much editing I have to do” and “See you after Christmas”.  I dont envy these guys and gals – because for me; it looks a lot like this (keeping in mind my wedding shooting season is now over):

Mon – Thurs – approx 2-3 hrs per day, divided between emails, culling, importing and editing, and album design.

Friday – Print and Album Orders go in, and any shoots I try and save for Fridays 🙂

Office work is approx 15 hrs a week – sometimes less, sometimes more; the key to making this work with 3 littles around is NOT working until 2 am – nope; that will not do! I am NOT human if I have to try and function after pulling a few of those off.

Instead I *TRY TO*:

Be in bed by 11. Trying not to scroll my phone for another 45 mins.

Sneak my editing in during quiet time. I home school so this is typically between 2-4; but sometimes its like 20 mins long lol – I just have to have faith and not panic that SHIT WILL GET DONE! IT ALWAYS DOES! (put that on a sticky note on your mirror if the thought of working this casually gives you anxiety). Sometimes I purposefully take an after dinner shift; but not usually.

Emails I do from the couch when Im nursing Baby P – or if we are doing an activity that they dont need much of my attention. I DONT check and respond to all my emails all day long. 2x a day max. For me its like 9 and 4 ish. Usually over snacks. Snacks is life y’all.

I feel the one area I struggle in is blogging. This is why I dont blog a ton, even though I love it; it’s the lowest on the totem pole for me; but today, I really wanted to share these photos – since they’re of MY FAMILY.

I seldom use my big girl camera in my personal life – yet I air everything on my Instagram Stories, like a play by play – and its gone in 24 hrs.  Im walking well enough that before heading out on this little hike, I grabbed her, and my sigma 35 art lens and went out to play with my fam jam to Allan Park Conservation Area. It’s like 1o minutes from my house which is perfect, and I bought a Saugeen Conservation Pass because I love it so much.

Here’s how that went.


dsc_3238 dsc_3236hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0001 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0002

Snacks is life.

hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0021 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0020 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0019 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0017hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0008 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0014 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0012 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0011

Pinecone Holder

hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0010 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0009

Walking Sticks are a must.


I thought he was going to kiss this tree <3 #treehugger

hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0028 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0030hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0032hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0035hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0036hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0038 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0039 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0040 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0041hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0044hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0049hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0048 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0047 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0046hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0054 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0055 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0052 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0051hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0050 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0053 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0056 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0057

I love how he still sleeps cross legged. It’s from his rear facing car seat days, which just ended a few months ago.

So, that was that, and it meant so much to me; because it’s the furthest Ive walked in 10.5 months and it symbolized so much for me – getting “back on my feet” in more ways than one; and spending quality time with my family in the midst of such a busy season.

If you came to this post and were looking for weddings – here are a few of my latest – but as I mentioned, blogging hasnt been my forte lately!

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If you came here to see about booking a Hanover Ontario Photographer, and want to see about having me out for a lifestyle shoot (or other important time in your life), send me a line right away! I only do a few family shoots at this time of year (to keep that work life balance in check), but the weather is so good right now I cant really resist getting out!  The smell of the leaves on the ground and the fresh air is just a mix I cant get enough of!

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